natalie & ryan: engagement session

Yes! There’s nothing more I love than sharing my work with you all. This particular shoot I’m a little more excited to share since it’s accompanied by some sweet video (all the way at the bottom of the post). Natalie & Ryan’s engagement session had a lot of fun stuff going on folks. Aside from the couple I think the wardrobe changes, the props, the location and the good good light are some of my favorite things in this particular session. Incase you haven’t noticed, different, unique locations are a big part of what my engagement sessions are all about. I’m not a huge fan of repeat locations and spots. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t shoot at the same place twice, it just means I’ll always try to make it different every time for every couple. Big Joe once said something like this ” its special people in ordinary places” and I totally agree with him. Sure Fenway Park or Saratoga Race Track are special locations but when I put our subjects in the location the backdrop becomes ordinary. In a nutshell  it means our clients are more awesome than any location could ever be. Maybe I’m rambling a little but thats my shooting philosophy. So anyway when Natalie & I began brainstorming about none other than the perfect location we hit a little road bump. The idea we had wasn’t jiving with our schedules and what not. So we thought about some spots and long story short we ended up on this piece of land with a barn and some hills. We thought since we were going to shoot in the middle of nowhere some props would be good. So we ended up with some balloons, blowup hearts, some flowers we never really used, a guitar, a dog and a red wicker chair. After non stop evenings of rain and gloom mother nature hooked us up with what was a perfect night. The rest folks is history.

So when it comes to the fun little video below basically it goes like this. I knew this would be a perfect shoot for my man the one and only Al Woodard of Al Woodard Films to document me doing my thing. So that day with 3 hours notice I called Al and like a true loyal friend he came out for an hour and did his thing. Al hooked me up with some crazy footage and I edited it down into an eight minute recap of what was an hour and a half session. Again let me stress that I edited the video, if Al had edited for me I’m sure it would be on a level of quality I couldn’t begin to fathom. Since Al had to roll out early and I do my token “bling shot” at the end of all my engagement sessions I had Natalie’s sister shoot me doing that and Becky I thank you for that! I thank Al for taking care of me and most importantly the bride and groom to be Natalie & Ryan, coming to a JEP blog near you in June of 2010.

Enjoy, leave love,

When an engagement session starts with the good good light like this you know its going to be a good good night.

How perfect is that yellow balloon and the yellow scarf?

I’m really digging these two next to each other.

YES! That sky is wild. One of my favorites from the casual series.

This barn wears b&w so well.

Wardrobe change… one of my favorite shots from the green dress series.

and the light got better…

Seriously how cool are these hearts?

One more wardrobe change by Natalie.

The dress choice perfect for the balloons. This is one of my favorites.

I can’t wait to photograph her as a bride.

I had to give Natalie & Ryan’s boxer Casco some blog love.

So Ryan busts out the acoustic and starts playing Dave Matthews and Natalie tells me her brothers in a DMB tribute band. This couple just got way more cooler. Ryan’s good too, I was bout to put my camera down and start requesting tunes.

and as we always do it here folks. my token “bling shot”
Heres the video. I know I can be a goof sometimes but its all about having fun right? Also since these two are dmb fans I had to throw some in.

next one

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