natalie & ryan: erlowest on lake george

I sit here in excitement as I’m writing this. I knew it, I knew this wedding was going to be great! But lets take it back to October 15, 2008 when I first heard from Natalie…

Hi Joe,

My name is Natalie. My fiance Ryan and I got enganged in July and are currenly planning a wedding for 6/26/2010 (i know, long time away, but I wanted to get some info from you) I want to tell you that I think your blog is AMAZING. I honestly check it every Monday to see your and your father’s work from the weekend. You are both incredibly talented and I just love everything about your photography. The pictures are so “real” and make the viewer feel as though they are right there in that moment! Love it! I was wondering if you could provide me some information about your services for weddings as well as engagement shoots. I look forward to the possibility of working with you. Thanks!


Who knew that was the start of one of my most favorite brides of all time? Needless to say 14 days later Natalie & Ryan had June 26, 2010 locked down. But before we could get to June of 2010 we met up in July of 2009 and I shot one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time. It was a hot July night and in the spur of a moment (like 3 hours prior to) I decided to ask my very good friend videographer Al Woodard if he’d be so kind to document me documenting them. That was probably one of my best decisions of 2009. I cant say enough good things about having that video on my site. If you have not watched it click here or that little icon located in the upper right corner that has the two ‘Ee’s” displayed. Shooting that video was worth it for Al Woodard too since Natalie & Ryan enjoyed his company and his talent so much they decided to ad him to their wedding day team! So I say thanks to Natalie, Ryan and Alfie for making me look cool. Oh and thats not it on the video either… I have something coming from their wedding too.

Cut to June 26, 2010…. We show up to Erlowest pumped and ready to roll. Katie O’s sparkly self was there ready to coordinate her butt off too. The ladies were looking mighty fine compliments to Chris Femi from Townsend & Company Salon on the hair. Natalie’s friend Polina did the makeup and I throw props her way since they all looked great! Some other wedding day players that deserve props are Mo D’ of Lily Saratoga for Natalie’s dress and Louise M. Jewelry for all the ladies accessories. She is also located in Saratoga Springs. Ok so that covers the all the beauty and whatnot. Back to the day…  Natalie was just super smiles from the moment we all showed up. She quickly got dressed and then we headed outdoors for some photos before the rain came. Yeah, just at the tail end of our pre-ceremony portraits it stared to rain. Whatever.. I don’t melt ;). Neither did Ryan and the guys who stepped outside the church for a 5 minute photo session while the rain lightly came down. Before I knew it the trolly arrived and in the back of the church I scored one of my favorite shots EVER of a bride and her father. Father Doyle then married these two and it was back to E-West for some photos. While it lightly rained for the family group shots we chose to shoot under a covered area. We got all the family shots done and then the bridal party shots too. Then the rain stopped and we all hopped into my ride and drove down to the lake. Its easier to drive to the bottom of that hill than walk, trust me. My SUV also served as a little entertainment because we when got to the bottom of the hill I opened all windows, doors and cranked some DMB for these diehard fans. Having the music going and taking some fun photos was really the highlight of my day. The fact that the rain stopped was just great too! As you’ll see we knocked it out of the park. But the DMB didn’t stop. Nope, Natalie’s brother Tim and their friend Adam of “Morning Line Favorite” preformed their first dance Up & Away by Dave Matthews, iTunes link. They played it acoustically then toward the end their band Grand Central Station picked up the tempo and added a little more.  It was definitely one of those “this is why you need video” moments. The boys killed it and it was really fun to shoot. Before we knew it I was searching for that late in the day June “blue light”, oh and did I ever find it, you’ll see. We all know I could go on and on all day but you’re not here for my text, you’re hear for our images right? Let me say this first, congrats to Natalie and Ryan. Thank you for being awesome in every way a bride and groom can be! Most importantly thanks for emailing me back in October of 2008… I’m so glad we shot your wedding! Now sit back and enjoy the next 65 or so images..


I look for little scenes like this when entering a brides preparation space.

Then I pluck little details away..

Natalie was so excited about her shoes.. I was too because yellow is my favorite color. Props to the florist too… leave their info in the comment box.

Natalie then got ready..

While her Father Steve waited patiently to see his little girl in her gown….

Here she comes…


Watch out now…

The colors were just so damn awesome..

I told you, she smiled all day.

Well, not when I asked for her to be serious..

But that smile came right back..

Gentlemen take notes.. Well done fellas, well done.

Ryan looking dapper and Natalie’s brother Tim was just so proud of his perfect tie knot and dimple.

Big Joe looks for a shot like this at every wedding… I love these.

I spoke of this shot above.. I’m in love with everything about it.

Natalies father Steve is just awesome. I think I could do a whole blog on him alone.

A little snippet from their ceremony.

A bigger snippet.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs..

I like bridal parties this size.

Watch out now! A little change of hair and we’re off…

“if you could keep me floating, just for a while…”


Oh the good ol’ facebook teaser.

A nice b&w of a sweet moment.

But the color was so great.

Remember this?

Sort of the same thing..

Always laughing and smiling.

“what i need is all around me”

Oh they’re too cool.

Oh wait, now Natalie’s sassin’ it up.

Every wedding I usually have a favorite. This is one.

Look at that little smile.

Love this one too!

Katie O’ loves forehead kisses..

Ok… back to the party.

Some details.. those orchids were hot.

This is how you enter a room people!

Props to Adam (left) and Tim for killing it. Great job fellas.

A little first dance montage.

On Tim’s guitar.. How could I not? I don’t know which one I like more..  This one?

Or this one?

I like that the MOH reads her toast from the iPhone 4 (which came out 2 days before this) while the best man rocks the old school composition book.

Pretty much the scene all night.

I searched and found..

Some blue light!

Congrats to Natalie & Ryan!!

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