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Oh yeah! I know I just changed it back in July but with the growing popularity of the blog it’s time to focus on one site. I used to update our website once a year but now I just thought  it’s time to combine these two sites. Sure I could have done this with the old skin but why not roll out with something bomb just in time for the 2009 wedding season? This beautiful new blog-site will serve as the new so no more /blog so update your links and rss feeds! If your reading this in a rss feed you need to pay me a visit and see whats new!

The design and functionality was made possible by  Stephen Orsini, founder, lead designer and programmer of equali. In January, Stephen and myself began talking about what we should do to make this blog-site better than the last blog that he designed. Not to discount the last blog at all but I wanted to outdo it and we sure did! So really the construction began in mid/late February and hours were logged into making this thing tight. I can’t say enough good things about Stephen, his talents, his creativity and knowledge to make it all happen. This guy is really easy to work with, we’ve spent so many hours going back and forth, bouncing ideas off one another and we couldn’t be more happy with the end result. So Stephen, THANK YOU for creating this awesome blog-site.

I wanted some cool functionality and style so here are a few things to know about the new blog.

  • Lets start from the top. You might notice as you scroll down the navigation bar stays with you. This was Stephen’s idea and it’s great. Should you be at the bottom of the page and want to navigate to another category or search for something than its right there waiting for you.
  • I wanted to have some changing images up at the top of the page but I wanted it a little smaller rather than taking up the whole top so we made that happen. You’ll also notice to the left of that it says “Greetings…” thats not always going to say that. It’s up there as kind of a mini blog within a the blog. Say we shoot 2-3 weddings a weekend and I’m working on the edits so I can blog some images I might write something in there to let you know new posts are coming. Or say I post 3-5 blogs in one day (it has happened) I’ll let you know that as well. Just keep your eyes on that top area.
  • Now this is my favorite! This is like the token thing that makes our blog-site different from the rest. The feature image on the blog post. Mostly all posts will receive an image at the very top before the text, kind of as a preview to the blog. It just looks better than the title of the post, the category and date. I’ve went back in time and added feature images to all blog posts from 2008 so go look for yours!
  • You also might notice this little vertical bar on the bottom right. Here you will find a link to my twitter and facebook. Since social networking has exploded I decided to ad these two features to my blog. I’ve been tweeting and facebooking for some time now anyway so if you tweet, follow me and if your on facebook be my friend! I plan to do a little tweeting from weddings this season, when I have free time of course.  I’ll also be emailing all my facebook friends images from their blog posts, I’m encouraging you guys to share them with your friends. Back to that vertical bar located in the bottom right corner. A couple cool features are the arrows that simply by them you’ll find yourself at the very top or very bottom of the page, just trying to make it easy. And that little sun icon is called “lights off” basically it turns off everything so all you see is the images, pretty fun feature. Lastly you’ll notice my RSS feed is there as well.

This post is getting kind of long and I wont bore you with the rest of the new features. Just go poke around and see what’s new. There’s a new post below as well! Also be sure to check back next week, we have two awesome weddings this weekend and the weather looks pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Let me know what you think by leaving a little comment love,

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