nicole & brian: saratoga national

A week ago today was June 18, 2010, it was also Nicole & Brian’s wedding day! It was 3:30pm and myself Big Joe and videographer Al Woodard were on the scene and ready to start shooting. When we arrived to Nicole’s hotel room the door opened and she was all smiles! The smiles never stopped either. All Alayne from Make Me Fabulous had left to do was attach Nicole’s veil and it was game time! We headed outdoors into the heat and shot some portraits. Then it was off to the church where Brian anxiously awaited his bride to be’s arrival. After a very nice ceremony and a couple bottles of water later we headed off to Saratoga National for the wedding # 5 of 10 this season. I seriously think we shoot there more than anywhere else, and I love it. You’ll see why when we get to the bride and groom pics! Anyway DJ Paul Malo had the party hopping all night long and we just had a blast documenting these two love birds! Nicole and Brian, congrats to you both! We had a great time with you and your families, thanks for having us!


See? Alayne still styling for me and my blog! How cute is she?

hey ladies!

Nicole has some killer blue eyes.

Nicoles father was all smiles, all day long! He was so happy for Nicole and Brian.

This church had some really nice lines and curves. The backlight a little tough to shoot into..

So I snuck around front and caught these.

I just love this image.

Remember this from their engagement session?

The grass grew a lot since April! 😉

Swing around!

Oh yeah!

The facebook teaser.

The light and the moment. Seriously. Does it get better than this?


I think this is my fav from the whole day….

The room…

The first dance! Congrats guys!

next one

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