Nicole and Nick have been to many weddings together. 42 to be exact! They even attended wedding #41 (a great dmb song btw) just the weekend before their wedding! Ins’t that wild? Needless to say, Nicole and Nick are seasoned wedding goers and knew exactly what they wanted for wedding #42.

It’s now Friday July 29th 2011, Nicole’s parents home was full of lovely ladies in their pre-bridesmaid gear. The music was pumping (just how I like it) and the energy was there for sure. Yes there was a threat of rain but it never really was mentioned. You know me though, my eyes are always on the doppler. Tina Barbato aka Flawless by Tina was in the house and all done with beautifying these girls. It was time to get dressed! The gown was getting all types of “oohs and aahs” as Nicole was getting dressed. Then it was Dad’s turn to see it. Nicole’s father Joe was so happy to see his second daughter in just a year as a bride. The ladies all cried as Nicole and Dad hugged, it was sweet. We then headed outside to take some photos, then it rained. So we went inside, then it stopped and it was back out for just a few more. When we arrived at the church it was dry and the threat of rain was gone, at least for now. Nick and the fellas were all ready to party but there was some official “lets get married business” to attend to first. The ceremony was really beautiful, St Joseph’s Church in Troy is incredible. I don’t know why I we don’t shoot more weddings there! It was also beautiful because April Marie was in the balcony singing, she is really great to listen to. Her and Frank Giglio did a wonderful little duet up there too. Once the ceremony commenced it was off to Saratoga Springs! I was one of the first to arrive at the Canfield Casino. I got all my gear out of my car and then the rain came. It poured too which forced us to shoot indoors. By the time the formal group shots were done so was the rain. I grabbed Nicole, Nick and Cheryl from CASL Productions and said “lets go outside now!” I’m so happy mother nature cooperated for this little session! Now its party time. The party was in the hands of Classe Catering and DJ’s Vinny and Nick from Cool Cat Entertainment. It was off the hook! The room looked wonderful too thanks to Party With Mia! This folks was a party! There is no doubt Nicole, Nick, their family and friends know how to get down. We were thrilled to be part of this one! Nicole and Nick, you’ve obviously been to over 40 weddings and saw many photographers so thanks for choosing us! Congrats to you both and much love! I hope Turks and Caicos is treating you well 😉


Some details and of course Cruz!

Every time I come around your city bling bling

Count the Gross’ …

Do I even need to tell you who this is?? Love this shot!

The makeup flawless. The hair was off the hook.

Getting ready with sister Renata.

Sometimes in the middle of getting ready I might just start shooting portraits…

Nicole, you’re stunning! Do your thang girl.

Dad’s reaction = priceless.

Yup, they thought so too.

You can see the rain!

We came back outside for a few more of Nicole..

One more!

Big pimpin in the house..


A little “on deck” moment with Nick, his brother and the priest..

It’s almost time.

How beautiful is this church?

Just a little moment I liked..

Mr and Mrs..

Time to head to Saratoga..

The light came out for less than a minute..

So we did our thang..

Lets get configured… Elario style..

love this one.
My facebook teaser which stirred up some buzz on Saturday morning.. you knew that though because we’re friends on Facebook. Oh we’re not? Why? 😉

I do love this one lots..

this one too.. the pavement was just incredible because it had been saturated with rain water!


I like these two side by side..

so content..

The Canfield Casino ballroom by Party With Mia

I love when they were introduced they took it in for a few more seconds than the usual. Kris Ann and I did the same thing, in the same exact spot.

1st dance..

love it..

A toast by “Nod”

OK because they all know how to party I thought I’d make a little party series. Count the Elario Brides (& Grooms)

The Elario Photo Booth was in the house! Thanks to Hayden Yund for running it!

Mike looks lost..

This backdrop is another new one from drop it MODERN. It’s called gypsy and I freaking LOVE IT.


I love my Elario brides.. and they love their Elario configurations. 3 times, 3 times

It’s my turn to pose..

Elario Photography all stars Jivon and Anthony

You remember that couple on the right?

Ok.. Nicole and Nick were on the fence about having the photo booth at their wedding. I’m glad they decided to do so because they now have almost 700 additional photos of their friends and families partying it up. For example, a shot like this one below just happens. These people all wanted to get together and BOOM there was a sick backdrop waiting for them. This happens all night long, seems like a no brainer huh?

last but not least, our bride and groom! Congrats you two! Thanks again!!!!

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  1. wonderful, stunning, gorgeous, superb…wowowowowow… love it all!!! fave shot is the first one with the sweet light outside, cuz of the raindrops glistening on the trees behind the couple. absolutely love it all though!!! another great one, JP!!! and love the Photo Booth!! LOVE!

  2. AMAZING, FLAWLESS, FABULOUS, STUNNING, all of the above describes this day. Let me start off first by telling you JP what a wonderful job you and your father did. Between racing the rain, tickling flower girls, and getting 7 bridesmaids to stand still the shot’s you capurted blow me away! & It’s offical, I’m going to start saving my pennies for my Elario Bride Trust Fund, pencil me in for a wedding in about 7-8 years 😉
    Secondly, Coalie seriously could you be anymore stunning? Your such a photogenic natural. I could not be happier for you and Nick, Your the best there is and deserve nothing less. I could not more thankful to have such an amazing cousin yet “sister” in my life. Thank You so much for having me be a part of your special day. I love You so Much! xoxo

    Love Always,
    Jp’s #1 Blog Stalker!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The configuration is amazing and the shots on the red bricks are to die for. And, how much fun was that wedding – full of some of my most favorite people! Nicole & Nick – congratulations on making 42 the best one of all and thanks for inviting us along – and I’m reserving next year this time for your vow renewal 🙂 Joe & JP – wow! I think that sums it up.

  4. 1st Congrats again to Nicole and Nick on your wedding…You 2 are soul mates and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!! Thank You again for trusting me to make you “Flawless” on your wedding day… I am so honored to have been apart of your day and JP thanks for capturing those GREAT shots of me getting Nicole all glammed up…Great pics as always JP and Big Joe…Was hoping you caught that great lighting outside that night after the storm and you did and those pics as well as all the rest of BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love them all can’t wait to see more!!!!

  5. What a beautiful day, rain or not! You guys looked amazing, and I totally loved your shoes Nicole! So happy #42 was freaking fabulous! And obvs the photo booth was hilarious, love the Mike & Mads cameos.

  6. JP, as usual, your pictures are amazing. These two share a love so amazing that I thought it would be impossible to capture on film, but you did it! The picture of Nicole & her dad is breathtaking. And for such a rainy day, the pictures in the Park are stunning!! Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  7. What can I even say? Nicole and Nick, you guys look amazing! Nicole, you were a fabulous bride…just as I knew you would be. We love you both so much. Hope the honeymoon is just as much fun as your wedding was. To the Joe’s: is it possible these blogs keep getting better? Photos are incredible!


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