nicole & nick: franklin plaza

Did you ever wonder how much thought and consideration was put into choosing a wedding date? The only reason I ask is because Nicole and Nick had a good reason for picking September 18, 2010. No, not because it was THE most popular date in September, there was more to it than that. Nicole’s Grandparents actually tied the knot 61 years to the date Nicole and Nick did and were both there to celebrate with them. I thought that was pretty special and definitely worth a mention. I’m not sure what the weather was like 61 years ago on that date but I can tell you Nicole and Nick were blessed with the perfect September day. Now that September is almost over and all weekends have passed I can say whoever tied the knot this month (at least on a Saturday) got hooked up from mama nature. Back to Nicole though.. We showed up at her parents home and she had just gotten done being beautified by A & Co Salon. After that she headed up to her childhood room (with great light btw) to get into her gown. Both her sisters helped zip and button Nicole in and then we headed to Washington Park for some photos! The color palette was off the hook in the park with early signs of fall foliage. The girls gowns and bouquets by Fleurtacious Designs all jived just perfect! Then it was time for Nick to see his almost wife Nicole. Their first look was really sweet and just awesome to shoot. We chose Washington Park since I shot their engagement session there last October and boy was that a colorful fall session too! Their ceremony was held at Blessed Sacrament Church in Albany. What a massive church! I thought it was pretty cool that after Nicole and Nick said their vows the priest went over to her Grandparents and renewed their vows. It was really a nice moment to document. After the mass, it was party time! The professionals at Franklin Plaza took control of the wheel and showed these 230 people how they do things in Troy. Their DJ was “Kenny from NYC”, if anyone has his info please leave it in my comment box because he deserves a mention to say the least. Kenny had this party at level 10 all night long. I think it always helps when both the bride and groom are in the middle of the floor all night too though. Also this was our first time working along side videographer Philip Coltart and his wife, it was a pleasure working with them. Lastly, Nicole and Nick. What can I say? It was more than enjoyable to capture your love story. We’re honored to have been part of your day. Nicole, I did enjoy watching Grandpa bust a move on the floor all night. You guys had an awesome wedding, congrats and keep smiling..


Here’s the dress..

and now it’s time to get into that dress.

with a little help from her sisters..

Always fun capturing Dad seeing his daughter as a bride.

As I took this picture I told Nicole “it’s just a walk in the park” 😉

Hey ladies..

Stunning. Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

One more.

Nick tried to front and say he wasn’t nervous 😉 but look at the clenched fist..

She couldn’t have been happier.

I just love this spot.

First looks are the best to shoot!

After their first look we were gathering up everyone so we could start all the group shots. While Big Joe was doing that I caught these real moments.

I’m digging this one of the guys.

Bridal parties to not need to be even in numbers. People often think they do but they don’t 😉

Love this one..

Nicole and Nick are pros at this whole “take my picture thing”

I don’t “pose” people. I put them into configurations I like.. you know what this one’s called?

Its called the “Elario configuration” 😉 enough of my silliness.. How bout this image? Ah yeah!

October 29, 2009

September 18, 2010 same spot.. different angle..


My facebook teaser..

A couple more of Nicole because I said so..


Now they’re off to get married.

I had to pay tribute to Nicole’s grandparents who tied the knot 61 years ago on this exact date. Rather than posting some “posed” shot of them I thought this was the right one.

I wonder what he was saying to her..

The vows..

After their vows the priest renewed Nicole’s grandparents vows. This was my favorite part of their ceremony.

This church is massive.

Franklin Plaza, Troy, NY

Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

First dance.

And I’ll end with this one.. Congrats guys!!

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