nicole & shawn: engagement session

Got blogs posts? I do. I have so much stuff to post for you all. So here’s an engagement session I shot a couple weeks ago in downtown Albany. This couple found me thru the our web site and contracted just for an engagement session. This is something we do so you all know. You don’t have to be a JEP bride & groom in order to score a bling shot. Although its a good idea if someone else is shooting your wedding to work with them for your engagement session so you know them better on wedding day. If your not able to make it happen I’d be more than happy to shoot one for you! I just love the mix of urban and color in this session.

Happy Friday! Enjoy, leave love,

Something simple… meet Nicole & Shawn.

Love this spot…

To me it feels like another country, not Albany.

Wardrobe change #2. Nicole has such a great smile!

Just another brick in the wall.

You can do a pick up shot twice in one shoot, its ok!

Wardrobe #3. The red is insane.

The color in general is just awesome.

I love this shot.

When I was like “ok lets do the bling shot.” And Shawn says “whats a bling shot?”… This Shawn is my token “bling shot”.

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