"You need to shoot Nina!" shouted Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous to me on multiple occasions for quite some time now. Most recently my response to Alayne was "Yeah yeah, I'll shoot Nina when Nina asks me." Not even an hour later I get a message from Nina "Hey! when are we shooting?" Let the planning begin..

Since last summer I decided I need to pick up the camera for myself once in a while too. As a photographer this is really the best way to exercise your craft and keep you sharp. It had been a minute since I did a personal project so the timing of Nina’s message could not have been better. It’s the off season, I haven’t shot anything so I was ready to dust off the lens and have some fun..

Locally in our photography network, Nina Jade is well known. She’s worked with some of the best in the area whose work I all love and respect greatly. When it became my turn I wanted to shoot her in a completely different way than I’ve seen. I like finding people’s personality when it comes to capturing them. About 15 minutes into hair and makeup I realized Nina is a goof much like myself, has a great smile we don’t see enough of and is down to earth. In addition to her killer modeling skills I wanted to capture Nina my way. I’m thrilled with the images we produced. I wanted to shoot in a way I’ve never shot before, I don’t really have a category for the style I was going for other then maybe lifestyle portraiture with a dash of heat. I have a way with words huh? Maybe not.. How about I shut up and we look at some images?

Quickly I want to thank Alayne Curtis of Make Me Fabulous for setting this all up and making Nina “fabulous”. Also thanks to Nina for absolutely knocking this out of the park. This girl knows how to work it. I hope you all enjoy my personal works..


Some of the first frames… talk about making my job  project easy.

overall this shoot felt very b&w to me, especially the first outfit.

Love the image on the right.

stripes on bricks… sweet.

One of my favorites…

A little series.. 

Nina’s just checking out the #elariopicoftheday on my instagram 

Just some pretty portraits.. Doesn’t she have a smile we should see more often? 

These images individually rock but as a series I love them together.

Pretty light..

behind the scenes…

the result.

Two favorites from this set..

6 faces..

Just having some coffee.. πŸ˜‰


A super cute series.. 

Might be in my top 3 favorites from the whole session..

this one too.. 

Is it April yet? (go yankees) Everyone knows I love the Yankees so this series was a must get for me..

Another top 3 favorite of mine. 

I wanted to steal this hat but she has a smaller head then me lol..

American Apparel style..

The natural light in this place was amazing.

Last look.. the lace was killer.
Overall an easy day at the office..

and a turnaround for fun with Nina and Alayne! such a fun shoot!!


next one

Best of the First Look from 2013