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OK peeps, I’m back in action! This past week I was in New Orleans for Imaging USA. I must say, I loved Nawlins! This is a must visit city and I’m so glad I decided to go. I was on the fence about going to Imaging this year because right now Kris Ann and I are deep in a major kitchen renovation! It was hard to leave the construction zone but a nice room at the W Hotel made me forget all about it (sorry babe).

ps. All the New Orleans photos other than the instagrams were taken with my Nikon V1 which is a fun little camera and I highly recommend it. Don’t worry when it comes to professional, I’m still a Canon guy.

While in New Orleans I did the touristy thing! We visited Bourbon St which was fun. It’s just crazy down there.

I did a little speaking thang at Miller’s Lab and mpix pro’s booth… I’ll be speaking at their booth at WPPI this year. Also I have a platform class so please pre board if you wanna hear what I have to say!

My photo BFF Dale Benfield , and I took a morning to explore the French Quarter. Cafe Du Monde, was a highlight for sure. Dale and his wife Meredith are really wonderful photographers in Arkansas and dear friends to me! Follow their blog, its fun!

Here are some of my instagrams while in New Orleans.. I told you guys last year to get on instagram because its the bomb. One year later and I’m still loving it. How about drop it MODERN’s booth all spangled out? Looks sweet, but not as good as Emeril’s gumbo!  Follow me if you don’t, my instagram name is jpelario.

Want one? Come see us This Sunday, January 22, 2012 at Glen Sanders Mansion. The bridal show is the only one we do. The hours are 11:00am – 3:00pm.

Oh yeah!! I shot this awesome wedding before I went to New Orleans. Be sure to check back next week for their blog! Congrats to Danaea and Mike!!

Last but not least, the winnner of the 2011 favorite wedding from the first half contest was Marie and Chris! They won a Luxe frame with this image in it from Millers Lab!! Congrats to you guys! All that campaigning on facebook sure helped!

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