our engagement pics

Let me start out this blog by saying since all you couples out there continue to allow me to blog and share your images with the world that it was only fair that when the day came for Kris Ann & myself to share ours we would. Last week we we’re in Las Vegas for WPPI, food & fun but also to have our engagement session done. I believe WPPI drew an astounding number of photographers this year, somewhere over 14,000 I think. I also strongly believe we had one of the best photographers within that 14,000 shoot our stuff. That’s just how I roll the dice……..

So if you remember I proposed to Kris Ann last July and she said yes. Well since then the most common question people ask me when talking about our wedding is “So, who’s going to shoot your wedding?” So the million-dollar question can finally be answered. Jessica Claire, I first stumbled on Jessica’s blog sometime last April and fell in love with her eye. Without a doubt in mind I was like, when I get married some day I’m hiring this girl. I got to say going into this shoot I was a little nervous or had just this funny feeling at first to be in front of the camera. I’m just not used to it, but with Jess I didn’t have to think about lenses or f-stops and that made me really at ease. As you’ll see below, she killed it. Man I knew these images would be great but wow! I’m glad to say that I experienced that level of excitement when viewing these images that I only hope to deliver to you all when I post yours!



All 30 (huge post) can be found on Jessica’s blog, one that I enjoy following.

Seriously, how beautiful is the girl I’m marrying? 

what vegas is all about

nah, this is what vegas is all about

What a fun little series.

I knew Jess would crop off the S, so I grabbed the booty.

a little wardrobe change… boooya!

Look at those shoes!

The good light right here.

This image is just killer, Kris Ann looks awesome.

next one

best of: the girls