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our wedding: sneak peek al woodard style!

What’s up people? You might be saying to yourself “Is JP really blogging from his honeymoon?” Rest assure as I type this post I’m laying in the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in. Seriously props to Steve Wynn, I love The Encore. Well as promised two blog posts ago our good friend videographer Al Woodard has whipped up 4 minutes of awesomeness your viewing pleasure. Word’s cannot  describe how thrilled both Kris Ann & I are with this video. From the getting ready shots to the first look and the ceremony is all beautiful stuff. Having this 4 minute video just days after our wedding is a real treat so we thank Al for taking the time to edit and post this so quick. I could ramble on for day’s about how happy I am with this so instead I’ll let you read the transcript from Al’s site and please make sure you head on over Al’s way. His work is just incredible and we truly love this guy! Props to Alfie!!


Well folks… this one definitely lived up to the expectations. In short, all I can really say is, what a day! What an incredible event! Kris Ann & JP combined all of their industry knowledge and experience to create a true one- of-a- kind wedding event for themselves. All the elements of a great wedding day were in place for this one. They were even blessed with nearly 50 degree weather during the first weekend of March! Both Kris Ann and JP were relaxed and in great spirits as they casually began to prepare during the pre-ceremony hours. Their “first look” was breathtaking and sentimental. Inside, the Canfield Casino was completely transformed into almost magical palace like atmosphere. After shooting scores of great events at the Casino, I must say that I have never seen either room look so amazing. I could go on and on about this amazing event. However, I’ll let this brief highlight video tell the rest of the story. One final fact I am pleased to report is that as promised, the JP did keep his Tux Jacket on the entire evening. Even during some serious all night partying, the jacket was always on. All grooms to be, please take note. So, without further ado, I present to you…The Marriage Celebration of Joseph and Kris Ann Elario!

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our wedding: sneak peek