Ok are you blog stalkers ready for a new post? Like a brand new wedding no one has seen yet? Yeah I know you are. So today we’re setting off the 2011 wedding season with Pam & Adam. These two tied the knot on January 15th which in my opinion was a quintessential day for a winter wedding. On our way up to Saratoga we both commented on how perfect the snowflakes were and how we hoped it continued to snow so we could get these two outside. We knew if the snow continued we’d have some killer images to share. After Pam finished up with her team from Make Me Fabulous we began shooting. After that it was off to Saratoga National for the first of 10 weddings there this season. (btw we did 10 there last year too but who’s counting?) I arranged for the first look to be outside with the snow flakes falling. It was beautiful and romantic too. After some group shots we headed back outside to shoot a little bit more. Their ceremony was so awesome. Why? Well because Adams father officiated it. I thought that was pretty darn cool. The party was now in DJ Paul Malo’s hands and the rest is history. Pam and Adam, it was an honor opening up the 2011 season with you guys! I know you’re somewhere a lot warmer right now so enjoy every minute. Thanks for the good times.


Extra points for fun hangers.

Some Fleurtacious Designs for you. The feathers were awesome.

Pam was one of the most happiest brides.. always smiling.

Did I mention she’s totally photogenic and looked incredible too?

I love when the bridesmaids all have their own style dress. It’s great right?

The fellas..

First look time..

How fun?

A little umbrella ella ella ay.. Did I mention I love everything about this image?

This one I like too..

Another fav of mine.

We used the foyer for the group photos.. It has the best available light in this whole building.

Ok with a little begging and pleading I got them to loose the umbrella, wrap and head back out.. I’m glad I pushed for this because I love love love this series.

I’ve never seen snow like this at a wedding.. It was a gift!

They were laughing because I was screaming with excitement.

Loving some b&w..

Just loving these..

Ahh the old facebook teaser.. Come friend me on my facebook and see the teaser first!

Since they had Saratoga National to themselves they had the ceremony downstairs.

and a proud father walks his girl down the aisle.

This image I love.. The two fathers. If you didn’t read my recap above Adam’s father officiated the ceremony.

These are my favorite moments during a ceremony.

Mr and Mrs..

The ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs


Congrats to Pam & Adam!!

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  1. Just over 2 years since Pam and Adam’s winter wonderland wedding and the pictures seem new every time I look at them. Thanks for the memories Elarios. Happy Anniversary #2 Adam and Pam. Keep the love alive!! :- )

  2. Pam and Adam are great,.
    Dad and mom Mckean were great and did a great job with one of the best occasion I have attended ever.
    The pictures are just wonderful, a great reminder of true love.

  3. Finally got to put a comment on this post; this made me see how beautiful a winter wedding can be! So glad they went back out the 2nd time, those images captured are gorgeous. Love the falling snow:)

  4. Ok, I know my comment is a little late, but better late than never!! I’ve been wanting to comment on this blog for awhile! These images will make future brides want their wedding to be in the winter!!!! I love love love all the images outside of Pam and Adam. Especially the black and white one after they lost the umbrella (but I also Love the one in color WITH the umbrella!). 🙂 SO cute that her father walked her down the aisle and his father officiated their wedding… really makes the ceremony something special! Pam’s dress fit her perfectly and MMF did a fabulous job, as always! And the flowers!! Kris Ann did an amazing job. The feathers and the bling on the bouquet were awesome! Great job Jp and Big Joe on taking such beautiful pictures!! And congrats to Pam & Adam!!

  5. Loved your pictures, particularly the Black & White ones. How do you get this B&W effect with such a powerfull contrast? Hope you can answer me Good Work!

  6. Wonderful photos, a lovely couple and a beautiful venue. It was one of the nicest weddings I have attended. Everything was just perfect, even if we slid a bit to get there! Magical!! Congrats on a job well done! I am sure Pam and Adam will cherish your photos of their special day.

  7. JP,
    Matron of honor here. Absolutely amazing!! You were part of what Pam looked forward to the most on her wedding day and you did a fantastic job! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures. PS – the hanger came from etsy.com!

  8. A personalized/customized hanger … now THAT is pretty cool. Any idea where she got it? That would be a cool blog post.

  9. Fabulous photos. My favorite is the one that you mention as ‘another fav of mine’ !! Awesome photo. That picture has the beautiful vintage feel. The lamppost in it-now that is awesome. Thats what did it for me.

  10. Hello! 🙂 I’m a new blog stalker (and budding photographer) who truly loves your work! I love the energy your photos have. The snow photos from this wedding are amazing…wonderful focus and exposure.


  11. I love the b&w of the bride and groom kissing under the umbrella in the snow. I want to hang that photo in my house and it’s not like I’m in it, or even know them! The last photo is really sweet and romantic too. Good job making them go out in the snow, JP!

  12. OK birthday bride…You know how special you are to us! I know you wanted snow and OMG did you ever get it! You looked even more beautiful than I remembered and Like Mona, the set up at SNGC…love , love , love it. Beyond elegant, beyond warm, beyond fabulous. Beautiful setup to you and Kris Ann. And OK, can we just talk about your rockin’ arms!!! Tell your dad I ordered him a tool belt!

  13. What a great start to the 2011 season and the Saratoga National Wedding Series (we are one 🙂 too ). Loved the snow pictures! What a beautiful bride. Nice job once again Joe and JP.

  14. These pictures came out beautiful!! I love the snow images. Great job guys! Also, the bride looks beautiful- great job MMF!! Congratulations Pam and Adam!

  15. JP & Joe – I haven’t been able to stop looking at this since I discovered you posted it a few hours ago. And considering I have an 85 degree beautiful day in Jamaica outside my door, I hope this proves to you what an amazing job you guys have done for us! We can’t wait to see the rest, and can’t thank you enough…especially for taking us outside one more time (you were right, I would thank you later for that haha!) I can’t believe that after a year of stalking the blog, we’re now on it!! THANK YOU, and we will talk to you soon mon!!! 🙂 P&A

  16. seriously UH-Maze-ING!! I absolutely love how your brides are always willing to do whats necessary to make a shot happen. I am pretty sure that’s what excites ya. Pam you rocked it out in that snow girl ! Ya made it look too easy. The feathers on the bouquet…awesome! Loved the hanger and your earrings were perfect for the day. Congrats!

  17. Love LOVE the snow!! It’s like you special ordered it???!!!! Amazing ceremony, decor, couple and day….you are starting this season off pretty high!!

  18. OMG. omg. AWESOME!!! the snow was a wonderful touch to the photos! and the happiness of the bride and groom in every shot was so great 😎 JP you once again did a fabulous job with this. and i have to say that my faves are the b&w with the umbrella, and the silhouette. the emotion during the ceremony is wonderful too. thanks for FINALLY blogging!!!!

  19. I have been trying to see these ALL DAY!!! I love the snow photos, how can you not? You guys captured them beautifully. And I think I speak for everyone when I say I totally can picture you screaming with excitement, and maybe a little jump and fist pump too. 🙂

    Pam and Adam – NICE WORK! On so much – good job with the hanger – adorable. Beautiful dress, great colors all around (kris ann, awesome fleurs per usual). Beautiful accessories, and you all look fabulous.

    BTW I can usually spot a MMF bride a mile away – I knew it! Love me some MMF. Overall, this is just such a classic, beautiful post. And I have not seen a SNGC ceremony on the ground floor like that – i loved it! Congrats again guys on opening up the 2011 season with such great chemistry and love. 🙂

  20. These are wonderful. Despite the obvious ‘cold’, these images are warm, fresh, and beyond loving! I adore how you told their story! 🙂 Congratulations to this beautiful couple!