Oooooh boy! Ok so who plans a wedding in four months?? Well let me answer that for you. Polina & Tony do, thats who! How? Well, they got good connections and got all the top vendors in this area on the same page for Friday May 18th 2012! Plus with Polina being in the wedding industry she knew who to look for. Yeah, thats whats up! Back when Polina was emailing me for my open dates and telling me she was thinking May 18th I was like yeah right. OK I can admit I was wrong, it all came together and this wedding that was planned in four months looked and felt like it had been in the works for well over a year…

The day was set off at their home in Albany. Wedding coordinator, Katie O’ was on the scene and ready to keep this day moving for us all! Again, how spoiled are we with all this amazing coordination during the month of May? Also as I walked into the room where Polina was getting ready in I thought “how spoiled are we with these stunning brides?”. So lucky! Obviously Polina did her own makeup because thats what she does and man did it look great! Once she was dressed and ready it was up to Saratoga Springs for their first look! We arrived in the park where Tony and his best man Brian (former Elario groom too) were waiting. Now you local people might know Tony (Brian and Mike) aka BM&T Management Group. They own and operate some of Albany’s finest establishments and actually most of Madison Ave 😉 To name a few, The Point, Juniors, Cafe Madison, Spinners.. you get the deal. They are neighbors of us at Elario Photography Inc and we’re honored to share the block with them. Anyway back to the wedding day! Also in Congress Park was their dog, Pulo. I’m staring to see a lot more dogs at weddings and I’m loving it! Makes me wish we had Lex at our wedding. Once we finished at the park it was off to Saratoga National.

The ceremony tent at Saratoga National looked incredibly stunning thanks to some sweet fleurs and decor by Fleurtacious Designs. Upstairs there was a Ketubah and our pal, Rabbi Sugarman. Once it was official with the signing we headed to the tent which was full of some of Albany’s finest 😉 After the ceremony the new terrace opened at Saratoga National and was packed with guests! This party was officially underway. I headed upstairs to the ballroom. I gotta tell you guys I think this was probably one of the nicest ballroom setups I’ve seen at National and I shoot literately a dozen weddings there a season. Mad props to Fleurtacious Designs on this one!! Before the room would fill up we needed to take care of business! There was some sweet light to be found and I headed out onto the course with the boys from Nu Vue Cinema to capture some sick sunset shots! Once we were done it was all in the hands of the man, the myth, the legend, DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music. Did you know he DJ’s so hard all the brides wanna find him? (Ye and Hova reference). Anyway this one was off the chain. They partied like it was their jobs until late in the evening! The floor was packed, the energy was at level 10 and I had a blast working this one. Hell, it wasn’t work for me it was a blast! You guys are great and pulled off one amazing wedding in four months. Congrats and thanks for choosing your neighbors down the block!


We’ll set it off with the gown..

Some fly shoes!

And our pretty bride Polina getting ready. If you didn’t read my write up (shame on you), Polina is an amazing local makeup artist which is why she’s doing her own makeup.

Getting ready..

Insert stunning bride here: I just love this image!

Tony, getting his swag on..

First look..

Another amazing creation by Fleurtacious Designs

The bridal party how I like them, simple.

Love the all the green in this one.


More dogs at weddings please!

They were so easy to photograph!

You gotta love a bride who’s not afraid to sit down..

Ok so how pretty is she?

Yup.. killing it.

One more because its my blog and I said so! I love her makeup.

Classic car, check!

Arriving at National.

Making it official..

The ceremony tent by Fleurtacious Designs. Paper by Jenny C Design, check out her facebook page to see their amazing lace invites.

Time to get married!

Love that one of Polina on the left..

Mr & Mrs..

Sunset time!


Killing the Elario Configuration..

so sweat!

My facebook teaser! Love this one.

“Hot butter” (inside joke.. haha)

Seatign chart by Jenny C Design

The amazing ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs and the paper goodies by Jenny C Design

I’m telling you one of the best setups I’ve seen there!

Each table had food and vodka waiting for everyone!

Seriously a home run by Fleurtacious Designs.

They entered to a packed floor. DJ Vinny Vin of NonStop Music was killing it all night!!

1st dance..

A great toast by best man, Brian..

Dance floor insanity.

I’ll end with the rings on the lace.. Love this. Congrats you guys!!

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  1. Ugh, you killed this one. I love everything about the whole design of this nuptial. Specifically how she had food and booze on the table for her guests, so thoughtful. Love love love

  2. Great work JP, Joe and all of the vendors and venue for making this the perfect day! Katie O’, we couldn’t have done it without you. Kris Ann, it really was beautiful. Vinny, no one could walk the next day, too much dancing, haha, killed it! Jenny, I can’t say enough, you were creative, quick and answered Polina’s calls when the rest of us were sleeping! Thanks to all of you, the wedding was everything my beautiful bride and I could have hoped for. We had awesome guests as well!
    JP and Joe, you guys captured the moments perfectly. Now, these moments can live on forever and that’s what it’s all about! Wish we could bring you to Italy!
    Thank you!

  3. FOUR. MONTHS. Seriously, current and former brides and grooms, I’d like you to really picture putting all the together that quickly. That’s incredible. Truly from all those details you would easily think this was way longer in the making. I’m impressed to say the least. Polina you look stunning! Amazing makeup (though not surprised) and your hair has this romantic look, and a modern sophistication as well. I like how you used two veils, very cool. Small bridal party – big fan. Jenny… nice work on the design! The fleurs are quite amazing, and each time I see something by you Kris Ann, I’m amazed how individualized and fresh everything looks. So awesome.

    Love the shot of her with the front door open and the light pouring in. Love the first look. Love the outdoor shots with that crazy, buttery light. So great! Also love how seamlessly everything seems to flow together – again just noting this because a lot of weddings have much more time to plan and way less attention to detail. Bravo 🙂

    You two look beautiful and happy, and it looks like it was quite the party. Amazing work as always, Big Joe and JP 🙂

  4. Congrats Tony and Polina. Words cannot even describe this wedding. It was Stunning and Amazing. Props to to you Joe on beautiful and amazing photos. Though did not expect any different. Your an Amazing photographer.

  5. This is a great work. The photographs are beautiful. I like the place and the table settings. Really beautiful. I am glad that I stopped by and able to see these images.

  6. Congratulations Polina and Tony!… glad you had a fabulous day..Love the pics!

  7. . . big big wow here guys – handsome /handsome couple – perfect day . Thanks for doing w/the E.
    how about those Jenny C Design items ! Real nice toast shot w/Brian.

  8. This wedding was So.Much.Fun. Polina is gorgeous, Tony looks so handsome…they are one of the most beautiful couples–both inside and out. The room was breathtaking (yay KA)…love the oval tables in there. DJ Vinny was killing it all night…the dance floor was packed the entire time! These images are amazing!! The team was BEYOND fabulous on this one and we were so happy to help add some sparkle to the day. And yes- the moonshine wings were an awesome treat!

  9. Polina & Tony- what an awesome wedding, we had so much fun (especially Eddie). Polina you look freaking gorgeous in all of these pics. Thank you for using me for your invitations and all of your paper details 🙂 KA the flowers were incredible love the peonies and of course Joe & Big Joe amazing images as alwayssss

  10. Awesome pics from what I hear was an awesome wedding! No mention of the boneless moonshine wings?! Love the pup, too! Congrats, guys!

  11. That was record timing!!! JP and Joe thank you soooo much for our more than perfect day!!!! I absolutely love love these pictures, and of course my husband, Tony! hahaha.. I can’t wait to see the rest, and I can’t even describe how happy I am right now!!!

  12. are you kidding me popo?! you are a gorgeous, stunning bride!! tony looks good too, and I like his gray tux! can’t believe this was all pulled off in 4 months! love the lace tableclothes. my favorite is….the one where they’re standing on the steps and polina’s veil is over her shoulders. congrats to mr & mrs lounello!!

  13. By far, one of the Greatest Weddings I had the pleasure to DJ For!! and I totally agree JP, the Room looked amazing and the energy level was off the charts! You are a Master at your Craft! The Pics are pure hotness!


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