Pop-Up (FaceTime) Portraits

The Rules / Guide
Please Read!

• iPhone only (since we're FaceTiming)

• please make sure your phone is charged.

• clean your lens so its free of smudges (you should do this normally anyway)

• stabilize iPhone (not hand held) in normal vertical orientation. have your iPhones lens eye level or slightly above slightly angled down (scroll down for an amazing hack on how to stabilize) .

• find a clean backdrop. example: your smooth wall (ideally white / light wall) not fabric because it wrinkles.

• look for soft even light. not direct sun. indirect window light is best, no lightbulbs on at all please.

• solid colors (black, white or grey) photograph best. busy patterns can be distracting.

• be prepared and on time for my FaceTime call because chances are there is someone scheduled after yours.

• no children, no pets, no couples (unless you signed up for a couples session of course)

Don't have an iPhone tripod? (it's ok, i got you)

The Laptop Tripod Hack

If you have a laptop tape your iPhone securely to the screen so the front facing camera is pointing at you and make sure your lens is clean and smudge free. Figure out a way to elevate your laptop so the iPhone camera is eye level or slightly above.

Once you find the right height you can use the laptop to get angle down. Angling up is never flattering so try to be a little above eye level.