portrait / engagement / surprise proposal shoot!

When Kristin approached me to photograph her and her brothers I was like yeah lets do it. She told me her boyfriend Adam and her brothers fiance Carol would be joining us and wanted to combine a small engagement session and also a few shots of her and Adam. Little did I know, I would then after hear from Adam via email asking me if it was possible to capture this awesome moment. I was like YES! Lets do it! So I worked it out with Adam and the rest is history, very cool history I got to capture.

We all met up in washington park and the park looked sweet thanks to the warm weekend we just had. We walked around and took advantage of some of the beautiful things spring has to offer. It’s great that April isn’t yet over but the parks looking like mid May.

Enjoy the post,

So here’s a nice little shot of Kristin, with her brothers Jamie & Mike.

Jamie and Carol, a newly engaged couple…

Although its spring this kinda looks like fall..


Who doesn’t love a goldendoodle? Kristin & Adams dog Matty.

A little group shot on one of my favorite staircases

This is my favorite shot of Kristin & her bro’s

So here is the setup. I told Adam I would find the right spot (which I did before the shoot) toward the end of the session. I made the family and Matty go hang off to the side by telling them they were in my shot. Then started photographing them walking, interacting and what not. I told Adam I would talk up the shot and how great the lighting was and how I was loving the stuff I was getting and that would be the code. I think I even said something like “yeah this is the spot, I love this spot”. Adam didn’t waste any time either….

I love that in this photo, Kristin has no clue what’s about to happen. No clue!

Isn’t this great?

Her reaction was awesome!

Yeah thats right Kristin, I knew about it. Capturing moments like this is why I love photography. I’m so happy I got to share this awesome experience with you both.

After a a bunch of congratulations and phone calls, we moved back into the shoot…

a little “bling shot”

but this is probably the most fresh out the box “bling shot” to date.

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