The heat streak continued folks and Friday June 22nd was a hot one for sure! It’s funny because the last time I saw these two it was pretty darn cold. You might remember their January engagement session at the barns. I really enjoy photographing these two. Its just easy!! Plus their both awesome people. So to say last Friday was a success would be an major understatement.

We set the day off at Rachael’s folks home out in the country. The house was full of people which means the energy level was up there! Alayne Curtis and her Fabulous team from Make Me Fabulous were responsible for all the beauty. Katie O’ and Chelsea were also on the scene. How could Rachael not rely on a wedding coordinator while planning a wedding from Melbourne, Australia? Shoot I’d hire a wedding planner even if I was planning an event from a location 5 minutes away. They’re that good! It was also nice to reunite with my man and amazing cinematographer, Al Woodard. The last wedding I shot with Alfie was back in early May. After we did all our photos at the house it was off to Grafton State Park for the first look and all that good stuff. I just loved the area we shot at with all the ferns! Then it was time to get married. The ceremony started exactly on time and these two tied the knot! Franklin Plaza was our next and final stop of the day. Those guys at the plaza always knock it out of the park! Also, DJ Jeffrey Scott and his sidekick Wade were in the house. Not only did they rock this one they actually had theme music for myself and Al Woodard when we walked into the empty ballroom to shoot details. Things like that make the job that much more fun. Speaking of FUN the Elario Photo Booth was in the heeeezy! Our girl Miss Hayden had a blast with all the guests and those super fun props!

Rachael and Danny, you guys are just awesome! We both were honored to have been part of your day. All the way from Australia you trusted us from day one with your wedding photos which means more to us than you know! I know you’re going to have many amazing years together. Rachael, I think Danny said it best in his toast, “its easy to love you”. Keep loving each other. Thank you both and of course, congratulations!


Where we last left off with these two…

With the passports in the house how could I resist? ps.. Danny applied all the “sparkle” to Rachael’s shoes. What a guy!

Getting ready.. how pretty?

Alayne is a perfectionist which is why I love her. Plus she’s overall a sweetheart.

Working it..

The one on the left is for you, Danny. 😉

I love it when the bride makes my job so easy!

All the pretty ladies…

Danny with his brothers and father. Also, nice job on the hand tied bow tie! 😉

First look!

I love this image!

The bridal party..

Rachael: “You want me to sit on the log?” Me: “yeah!”

Fern city!!! This one is going to make the wall of fame in our office!

it was easy to get these two to love each other in photos.. it just happened!

my facebook teaser..

off to the church… time to get married!

Cute little dude.

It happens at all weddings, the bride and her father moments before walking down the aisle. I love these images!

Mr & Mrs…

a couple hours later the light got real sweet!

and they got into that Elario configuration..

Ahh I love this

Downtown Troy is just so beautiful.

loving this one too!

The Franklin Plaza ballroom.

An amazing first dance!!

then later Rachael changed… can I just say these two know how to dance? Loved that!!

They went with drop it MODERN’s spangled… such a fun drop!

the props were totally appropriate for Rachael and Danny..

so cute

Hayden probably thought I wouldn’t blog this one.. haha!

Yes, Rachael you did. Congrats you two!!!!!!

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  1. Awwww I just love this. JP you guys nailed this. You really can feel the love jumping right off the page in every single image. This is what getting married is all about – LOVE.

    I know, I’m a huge cheeseball. I can’t help it.

    So the little ring bearer? Adorable. I know you don’t usually include the kids, but nice work on that one. Rachael – I love BOTH your dresses. So flowy, just perfect. Now the fact that Danny blinged up your shoes… I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of impressed. 🙂 (how?)

    Also love the first look and Danny just taking it in.

    To focus on the groom for a minute here – Danny’s got some great emotion to his posture and face. Most of the time it’s just looking pretty darn happy, in love. Every now and then he gets this pose, hand in pocket, throwing out the swag like, yea… that’s my wife. Damn right! 🙂

    ANd Rachael, every picture, your eyes light up with love. Beautiful.

    Congratulations again!!!

  2. This is AWESOME!! We truly enjoyed being a part of this wedding day…it was overwhelming the love that filled the room from these two families….Danny certainly gave one of the BEST groom’s toasts I have ever heard (and yep Chelsea and I had tears). These images truly capture what a fun and in love couple Rachael and Danny are. Thanks for an amazing day!

  3. Awesome Joe!!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my sister and Danny 🙂

  4. Now that was an awesome way to wake up!!! Just like Christmas morning… I ran down the stairs to see what was awaiting me and there was no disappointment for sure. You killed it JP and Joe!!!!! It’s easy to have an amazing wedding with such amazing vendors! Every single one of you got compliments from guests. 🙂

  5. Rachel you are such a cool chick. I still have a girl crush on your hot legs! I can’t decide which picture I love the most the “log” photo or the “steps” in Troy! You look so in ‘Love” in them both, plus they are really cool photos JP!! Just adore you all! Come home from Australia soon!!! So I can hear all about it in your fun accent!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! i love that it was in grafton! a must for a Tamarac alum! congrats!

  7. Loving the green of those ferns!! And the light in downtown Troy — beautiful!! Rachel’s hair is so fabulous too! I love how soft and elegant it is! Amazing job Jp and Big Joe, as always. 🙂


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