rachel & ryan: saratoga national

Yay! Time for a new wedding blog! We’ve had some nice time off to enjoy a little bit of the summer! Last Friday however, it was back to work! It was Rachel and Ryan’s big day! Can we say “perfect day”? Yeah, they had an incredible day weather wise! When we showed up to the suite wedding planner Katie O’Malley was on hand all sparkly and smiling like always. Rachel was getting her beauty finished by my pal Alayne from Make Me Fabulous and Maureen from Lily Saratoga was on site as well! To say it was a room full of awesome, beautiful and talented girls would be an understatement. I love my job. After Rachel was dressed we headed to Congress Park and photographed her and the bridesmaids. Then it was off to St Mary’s Chuch in Ballston Spa for a wedding! After they tied the knot we all headed to Saratoga National! Myself, videographer Al Woodard, Katie O’, Kristi from Saratoga National and of course Rachel and Ryan rolled deep in our golf carts out onto the course. LOL. I always wonder what the golfers think when we’re all trucking out on to the course. Anyway we did our thing out there and got the good stuff captured. Then the super poplar and in demand DJ Fernando from Piano Man took this reception into full party mode. The floor, packed all damn night! What a fun wedding! Rachel and Ryan, we had tons of fun. Your wedding was great! Thanks for having us!!


The gown from Lily Saratoga.

Maureen from Lily on site. I love this little behind the scene shots..

Alayne doing her thang!

Rachel was cute here. I caught this little snap of her on the phone with her Mom.

So pretty..

Who’s that? Oh wedding planner Katie O’Malley rocking the straight hair…

Rachel was pretty damn easy to photograph.

The flowers by Anthology Studio. The water by Saratoga Springs πŸ˜‰

We had to separate Ryans twin sisters πŸ˜‰

I love this shot of Rachel..

St Marys Ballston Spa.

We like the little spiderweb here..

The dudes..

Alayne always gives her brides these little mirrors. How cool right? They were designed by former Elario bride Melissa…

I love this “just before” shot.

This church is just awesome!

Ryan’s aunts were so happy!

Mr & Mrs..

Out on the course..

too cute.

loving this series..

little bursts of light make me smile.

I love this damn photograph!!

this one too!

cute cake topper.

1st dance

2nd dance!

Little moments during a toast..

back outside for the butta light.

AHHH!! I love this!

My facebook teaser.

A sweet little configuration..

And we’ll end with this one.. Congrats you two!!

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