rhiannon & vinny fall engagement session

Four outfits, numerous locations, pumpkins, tractors, four wheelers, tombstones and a totally bitchin’ couple was how I spent last Friday. At first I thought all this was a bit ambitious to cover in one session but I forgot I was dealing with Vin-Sanity from Non-Stop Music. For those who don’t know Vinny AKA Vinny Vin AKA Vinny Commisso, you should. He’s one of our favorite wedding DJ’s in the area! I actually knew this engagement was somewhat coming. Vinny and I were texting in late August and he ended the conversation with “I’m off for two weeks… I’ll be calling you soon ;)”.. It was then I knew my man was about to pop the question to the beautiful, Rhiannon. So they get engaged and somehow manage to keep it off of facebook for 5 weeks! They wanted my teaser image to be their social media official announcement! How flipping cool is that right thurrrrr? Totally flattering! In the meantime, they locked us down for their October 2013 wedding and the rest is history. I must say, we’re more than excited to capture their wedding next year. I hear its gonna be off the chain and then some. You’ll have to check back to see it! For now though, enjoy this kick ass e shoot!


Meet, Vinny and Rhiannon… we set it off at Thacher State Park which was on our way up to Rhiannon’s parents home.

Instantly they knew how to be photographed…

You might be thinking to yourself “my golly, doesn’t Rhiannon look Flawless (by Vin’s sister Tina)”… Thats right, Flawless by Tina was on this one! DUH!!!!!!!!

The color was pretty sweet…

To get to this next location I had to ride on a four-wheeler which was an Elario engagement session first, but I can see why they brought me to this spot. It’s very “Ralph Lauren”..

This couple did their research in regards to locations and outfit coordination. I stand and applaud you guys!

Stop!! I ground covered with red leaves! Could anything be more perfect in this image?? I love it!

But I love this one more..

The look Rhiannon is giving the camera is just so awesome.

and their was a rock wall, just sitting there in the middle of the deep woods. So cool.

Its time to get configured, Elario style.

Rhiannon’s Mother, Annette was instructing her to show more leg! Annette, is my kinda lady! So funny!

whats not to love?

we had to throw in a b&w..

How cute is her outfit? So appropriate for the setting! Both of their outfits are!

Vinny’s favorite song “she thinks my tractors sexy” hahaha

a double pumpkin in ya face! a fun find..

Just more beautiful things here..

whats so funny?

Ahh.. now we’re getting into my favorite part of the session..

Neat spot. 😉

oh yeah its not an official Elario e shoot until you do my token “bling shot”

and then JP ruins the photo.. Vin, why you licking my shoulder? Thats just weird, player.

I jump up and down for this!! When Vinny told me they were looking at an October wedding I was like “dude, I’m booked” His response, “ain’t nobody booked on this date”.. I love it. When you’re in the wedding industry you gotta get creative with your wedding date. This one rocks!

and this was their social media “we’re engaged” shot I teased Saturday morning on my facebook. Its off the heezy fo sheezy!

One more. Thank you both for choosing us!! I cannot wait for 10.31.13!!!!!!!!!!!!!

next one

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