Rhiannon & Vinny’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Photos

I’ve been looking forward to capturing this wedding from the second I knew about it. I remember when Vinny called me to let me know he wanted me to shoot his and Rhiannon’s wedding photos at Franklin Plaza. Vinny says it’s in October, I respond “Vin I don’t have any dates open in October of 2013”… Vinny says “ain’t nobody booked on this date”.. A Halloween Wedding, could it b

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in a different area code) you’ve all known that Rhiannon and Vinny’s wedding was slated for Halloween of 2013. Now a little history for those who don’t know. Vinny is Vinny Vin from Non-Stop Music. He’s a local wedding DJ and hands down one of the best in this area. So when you’re in the wedding industry and you fiancé isn’t but your fiancé wants a fall wedding and you’re booked every weekend because you’re an amazing DJ what do you do? Clearly you deliver an amazing wedding to the woman of your dreams. Ultimately Rhiannon and Vinny took October 31st 2013 and ran with it. What a perfect day for a wedding, I mean why not right? They did it right too, no weirdo costume themed shenanigans either. They took the theme of Halloween slapped a bow tie on it, classed it up and threw a banger at the Franklin Plaza.

Lets start with the hotel room portion of the day. I set my part of the day off with Rhiannon and her ladies. Who else would have been on her glam squad other than her sister in law to be, Tina Barbato of Flawless by Tina. She brought in her big guns too, Polina Lounello (former Elario bride) Kyle Ann Garcia and Emily. So those were the ladies responsible to adding to the already stunning ladies we had to work with. Meanwhile Big Joe was with the fellas at Rhiannon and Vinny’s home. Talk about a bunch… Vinny had more groomsmen than a baseball lineup (we won’t talk about the baseball game the night before their wedding either). Also prepping the men was who else? Another wedding industry “Commisso”, Anthony of Tuxego. So in regards to the ladies and men having it “together” team Commisso and Commisso-Barbato had them covered.

It’s raining!! Now what? I mean seriously did it have to rain? Have we not had enough this season?? Can a brother get a break here? Anyway, as always it all worked out. We had just a little over an hour break in the rain, that was enough time for us to do what we do. Myself, Katio O’ and Cheryl from CASL Productions took Rhiannon and Vinny to one of my favorite spots in Troy. This location was at absolute peak foliage too!! After that we headed to a local cemetery because after all it was Halloween and the first question Rhiannon asked me when we met was “would you have a problem shooting in a graveyard?”. Ummm “No, I’d love it” was my response.. and I love the images from both their engagement session and wedding that took place in the cemetery.

Next up is wedding time!! Franklin Plaza was looking gooooooood too! Kris Ann, my lovely wife and owner of Fleurtacious Designs took Rhiannon and Vinny’s Halloween theme and ran with it. The ballroom looked amazing down to every little detail. The candelabras had spiderwebs on them and the sweetheart table had with the Ouija Board with the planchette over the “C”! Who remembers that thing?? Overall I’d have to say Team Fleurtacious smoked the design on this one. Team Plaza wasn’t too shabby either as the food they severed was as it always is delectable and can we talk about the candy table, I mean candy room, I mean vault of candy????? No one left this wedding without a full belly and lots of sweets to take on the road with them.

As for their party I filed this one in the “off the chain” files. When introductions took place, the room filled up with the bridal party as the dance floor filled up with fog as DJ Playground scratched the thriller laugh and dropped it on them as Rhiannon and Vinny entered the room. The Accent’s Band emceed the event on the front end and had the floor packed for their portion of the set. Around 10pm it was very much the DJ Playground show and the floor was also packed well into the evening. If you didn’t have fun at this wedding then you’re a goon or a goblin because this wedding had it all not to mention the Elario Photo Booth with Hayden in costume too! Overall though it was most certainly a blast watching my pal Vinny let lose with his new wife Rhiannon. So much fun!

Rhiannon and Vinny, I don’t know how to begin saying thank you for having us on your wedding day A Team! Seriously, it’s flattering when someone in the industry chooses us to capture their day. It’s actually the ultimate compliment. We all here at Elario Photography wish you both a lifetime of heath, happiness and lots of fun Halloweens with the little Commisso’s you make. 😉 Word, thank you again.


Where we last left off with these two..

Rhiannon’s fab wedding day details..
Obviously her makeup artist is someone close to her..
Vinny’s sister.. 😉
a note from the groom which had her in tears which then put Rhiannon back in the Flawless chair.
The ladies…
Lacing up them fly kicks..
Rhiannon gave Vin a watch for his gift..
A father son moment..
The men..
The Tuxego milk truck… talk about white glove delivery.
meanwhile where the prettier people were..
I just smile along with Rhiannon when I look at this image.
Halloween done right.
such a precious moment with Mom..
first look! Vinny gets reaction of the year award.. Love it.
Yeah boy, check out your lady!
At this point the rain stopped.. we had like an hour to get the images from here all the way to the cemetery shots.
Fleurtacious Designs does it again!
oh hey gurrrrl..
I told you in my write up (that some of you probably didn’t read) that it was peak foliage!
it truly was a blast capturing these, I swear all we did was laugh!!
a sweet forehead kiss..
looking good, Vin!
and the leaves started to fall.. so awesome.
love this one of Rhiannon..
no one on the corner have swagga like us
too cute…
you work that configuration!! the shoes, the what? it’s gotta the shoes..
the making of this image consisted of many plastic garbage bags, a nervous wedding planner who wanted to keep the dress clean and a photographer who doesn’t take no for an answer.
we almost went trick or treating but they weren’t home.
so fun
LOVE this one!!
and easily this image takes the cake for my #1 favorite.
and it started to rain..
Happy Halloween!!
As you entered the plaza this is what you saw.
The creepy bridal party image.. all in masks and the shadows..
Doing things a little different their ceremony was upstairs!
fun details..
On deck with Dad.. and John Charles Cook (acoustic guitar) played “Rhiannon” as she walked down the aisle. So awesome.
the handoff.
Making it official.
Loved shooting their ceremony upstairs. It was a nice change from the norm.
it’s official, kiss your bride, Vin.
Mr & Mrs..
The amazing ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs.
complete with the fog machine.. so freaking cool!!
Paper details by Jenny C Design.
Loving the candelabra’s
more awesome details..
looking from the back of the room..
they like!!
Who remembers the Ouija board??
It just moved all by itself to the “C”.. so weird. 😉

The Accents take the stage.
making an entrance!
1st dance..
Crazy party people.
The candy vault!! Thats whats up!
so much sweetness.
I rocked a mask for little bit too!! Like my bow tie with bats?? Vinny and Rhiannon gave it to me!
DJ Playground on the 1’s and 2’s..
you think Vin wouldn’t spin?  No chance..
get down girl..
oh the jump rope showed up..
so awesome.
special Elario Photo Booth just for these two!!
Fun people!!
Remember them??
I lost count..
Sibling love.
hardly evil..
congrats!! thats a wrap!!


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