As I mentioned above we had a little bit of rain last Saturday. Whatever, I’m numb to it this year since it was the 12th wedding for us to have a rain cameo. We just take what we get and work with it. The unpredictable can be fun and also challenging but thats what shaped us to become the photographers we are, years of experience in all elements. That being said, the Inn at Erlowest isn’t a bad place to have to work and capture wedding photos in the rain.

In the bridal suite was the lovely, energetic, talkative, personable, Rita. This was our first time meeting Miss Rita and what a fun young lady she is! I said to her I’m sorry I didn’t get to know her more before the big day. The suite was full of ladies, hairspray, makeup, mimosas and music. It was how a bridal suite should be on wedding day. In the house was our homegirl and wedding planner Christine Wheat. Christine has this calming thing about her, she could tell me my hairs on fire and not raise her voice or be alarming at all. Haha. Anyway we LOVE our wedding planners here at Elario Photography. After our bride was dressed and ready we headed downstairs onto the terrace. The nice thing about the Inn at Erlowest is we can still shoot outside even if mother nature decides to open the skies up on us. The ladies all looked lovely in their blue gowns and complimented Miss Rita quite nicely.

Then it was time for a first look. This is when I met Tom, the big guy. It’s always fun meeting a groom for the first time literately seconds before he’s about to have his first look. I’m like “nice to meet you! how you feeling? excited? nervous? ok stand here and turn around when I tell you.” After the first look we did all of our family photos and then headed down to the docks. Thank god for umbrellas and the golf cart. It was raining pretty good at this point. After the docks I decided to move the photo shoot inside since the interior of the Inn at Erlowest is so beautiful, I love the images in the staircase.

When it was time to sign the Ketubah the rain began to taper off, just like Christine Wheat promised us and guess what? We were able to have their ceremony outside, on the point during sunset as planned. It was really a beautiful ceremony and their personal vows were not only perfect but funny too. After the ceremony the daylight was GONE and it was time to set this thing off. The ballroom was transformed into a completely different space as you’ll see below. Rita and Tom had a tasting menu with six or seven courses all finished off by a firework show outdoors. Then they all partied into the evening. This was a fun one, folks.

Rita and Tom, thank you both for having us! We had a blast working with you guys. You both come from great families and if you follow in your parents footsteps you’ll have years of happiness. Thank you and congrats!


The Inn At Erlowest, a Ketubah detail and of course Oscar.
The pretty details..
Rita made her own bouquet full of broaches, very pretty.
opening a gift from Tom, a sweet handbag.
the fellas get dressed..
opening a gift from Rita, cufflinks.
LOVE this one of Rita and Mom.
and this one..
so pretty.
she knows how to work it..
The ladies.
1st look!
so sweet.
the men..
little Oscar! So cute.
I love this bridal party image.
how about the veil?
down at the dock..
Nice capture by Miss Hayden.
one of my favorites.
inside the Inn at Erlowest..
Ok one more before the Ketubah ceremony.
making it official..
Just in time it stopped raining.
How sweet getting married at sunset?
Love these images of the parents watching.
Mr & Mrs….
One in the blue light after they tied the knot..
The ballroom..
a lounge area too!
Party time!!
look at them with this dip at the end of their first dance. Off the hook!
Rita’s fathers toast was so sweet and also very funny!
Love these two images.
Hora time!
A little dress change at the end of the evening.
and now debuting the new Gatsby. Black and silver..
a bunch of crazy ladies..
congrats you two!


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