ryan & stephen: canfield casino

Hi all! I hope Santa was good to everyone. Isn’t the holiday season fun? It’s pretty great shooting weddings this time of year too. Everyones in such a great mood and looking to party. That was the deal for sure at Ryan & Stephen’s wedding. The Historic Canfield Casino is just the greatest place in the world folks. We just love shooting there! I’ll let the images tell the story here. We thank Ryan & Stephen for having us capture their big day! Congrats guys!

Enjoy, leave love,

Ryan’s got some killer blue eyes huh?

Stephen and his boys…

Their first look series was just sweet. I love the contrast between my fathers images and mine here. Just awesome stuff.

The floor is so cool.

Go on Ryan, do the spin around..

Congress Park covered in snow… don’t get much better than this.

It was absolutely freezing. Ryan held it down and never said she was cold. Proves my theory that most brides are numb on wedding day.

Whatever, I know people.

Classic bench/snow shot.

This was just one of those true candid moments that happened and I happened to be shooting them. Probably my fav all day.

The date: December 19.

Remember  where ya saw it first 😉

I’ve never used the phone booth in the Casino so why not?

Some details of an awesome location.

The next time I step into this space wearing a tux it will be our wedding day. I just kept thinking about that throughout their ceremony.

I just love reaction shots of parents during the ceremony.

Lilly & Rose catered this one.

This is a must have image for all Casino weddings.

And because Christmas was 6 days later….

next one

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