sandra & rob: hall of springs

What a great weekend… Sandra & Rob’s wedding was seriously a good time. We really had a blast shooting this one. My father & I have known Rob & his family forever. Have you heard of Cardona’s Market in Albany? Well thats Rob & his families market, great Italian imports.

This was another stupendous September day, from the temperature to the lighting, I mean really outstanding. When we arrived to the hotel everyone was looking beautiful and ready to take some photos and that rhythm never stopped. Sandra was a very organized bride, everyone was where they needed to be and when they needed to be. When you have all that going on its a good thing. I told Sandra she should do some event planning on the side. We got all the photos done ahead of time which is a great idea to do in the fall. Its also nice to capture Sandra and Rob seeing each other for the first time as you will see in the photos below.

The ceremony was nice, a remembrance candle was light by Rob in the beginning of the ceremony to not only remember grandparents of the bride and groom but most recently the passing of Rob’s mother Lisa, I’m sure Rob’s mother had something to do with the beautiful day they were blessed with.

The reception, as excepted was wonderful. Glen Sanders Catering continues to impress us at every event we do and believe me when I tell you they dominate our wedding/event calendar every season. The food was superb, the desert room was off the hook and just when you thought it was over Sandra & Rob surprised their guests with a 200 lb slow cooked pig at the end of the night for some pulled pork sandwiches. As always a party needs entertainment which DJ Paul Malo was there to do, it was great seeing him as well. Did I mention it was our second day in a row with our good friend videographer Al Woodard? It’s a treat to spend two days shooting beside this dude. Sandra & Rob, thanks for having us and thank you for the gift baskets, too kind.

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It’s great when we get to shoot couples seeing each other for the first time.







I don’t think they get more authentic than this. Sandra’s grandmother was a lovely woman.







A little entertainment for the cocktail hour.






Michele & Kyle, nice seeing you guys too!




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