Sara & Eddie are expecting!

Wow! Yup one word describes this whole session. As always Sara and Eddie give me amazing stuff to work with. If you’re new here I urge you to have a look at their engagement session and also their amazing wedding. Both are up there as some of my favorite blog posts ever. And we can add this one to the list too, as it’s just gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier for these two as they’re awaiting the arrival of their little baby boy. I also want to thank Sara and Eddie again for having me capture more memories for them.  Can’t wait to meet the baby!!


Let’s set this one off in a hidden gem located up in Ticonderoga, NY

December 1st can’t come soon enough for them!

some pretty light made a cameo.

and these gardens were amazing.

I just love these two images together.

oh hello outfit number 2… Sara gets the award on the fasted wardrobe change during a shoot ever..

How perfect is this dress at this location?

great textures.

and the color.. peak perfect up in NLG

love this outfit..

so pretty.

Wow.. again.. the colors..

Like if the shoot ended here I would be more than happy with what we got..

but it didn’t end and we kept capturing amazing images..

these b&w’s are so pretty.

I absolutely love this one.

Sara is also incredibly talented. She owns Ink Revival which you all should check out. She specializes in calligraphy and illustration. Very beautiful stuff.

this scroll contains the lyrics from the song she danced with her late father PJ to at the wedding.

In b&w the scroll was even prettier..

some fun clothes for the little guy!

Sara’s baby shower invite designed by her.. also follow Ink Revival on instagram too!

Now since we’re on Lake George we obviously had to head down to the lake..

And the wind came.. it had been calm all day..

the beautiful imagery doesn’t stop here..

or here..

When Sara and I planned this shoot we planned on her being in the lake waist deep or so. Since this is where she grew up we had to incorporate Lake George in a very awesome way..

If you know Sara.. this is her.

and no the water was not cold.. (so she said)

The colors were just amazing. I’ve shot on the lake a lot and have never seen this color before.

My favorite from the lake series. I love everything about it.


and I’ll end with this b&w.. It’s beautiful. Congrats to Sara and Eddie, can’t wait to meet the baby!!


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