When you live up here in the bitter cold northeast this is about the time of year you’re over the snow and the weather. However, I’m not near being over these images. Sara and Joe had what you would consider a perfect winter wedding day. The sky was blue, the sun was out and there was no wind to remind us the temperature only reached like 20 that day. Buffalo native and bride Sara was incredible and probably would have made a snow angel if I asked. She told me she’d be down to shoot outdoors on her wedding day so we ran with it.

Everyone got ready at the Gideon Putnam hotel. Not only does it have that whole Saratoga Springs feeling it was a perfect proximity to their ceremony and reception location, the Hall of Springs. We showed up to the bridal suite where Sara and company had just finished getting their pretty on. Like troopers they all headed outdoors in their boots and struck some poses for us. The Buffalo must have been strong that day because they never really complained at all about the cold. It really was chilly. This is coming from myself who rocked numerous layers and what not. I really don’t know how the ladies toughed it out. After their first look the sun came through the trees and I found some of the first good light of 2011 the wedding season. We stepped back indoors for group shots and of course to warm up. I did however bring them back out for a few more. Then it was off to the Hall where a Ketubah waited to be signed. The party was wonderful. Karen Lawrence Band did their thing and had people up and moving all night long. Sara and Joe I know you’ve both waited patiently for the blog so let me stop talking now. Before I stop, let me say thank you to you both. We’re glad to have been the lucky ones who got to document you guys on 1.22.11. Thank you both and many congrats to you!


There’s something about this hotel room.. I just see it in b&w and not color. It must be that old Saratoga thing.

Sometimes I search for all kinds of places to photograph the rings… Ultimately I loved the green of this box.

Sara was the bride who never stopped smiling.

Not quite sure what was going on here? Bustle practice for later I think? Either way Sara just laughed it up.

Rocking an old family fur..

Wow.. loving this one. She looked incredible out there in the snow.

I always like the shots where each lady is kinda doing their own thing.

I know I said something funny here..

Winter wedding rule: must have boots. Seriously..

The men.

First looks are always exciting..

and romantic.

Loving the light sneaking through here.

A little configuration..

One of my favs.

Back to that light again.. I just love how it warms this image right up. I mean it was freezing!

Big thanks to the bridal party for coming outside for this image.

I think Joe was starting to get cold 😉

facebook teaser.. friend me on my facebook and see the teaser first!

It was time for the Ketubah to be signed.. Sara, still smiling and laughing.

All their family and bridal party gathered..

Meanwhile under the chuppah..

They exchanged vows..

Mazal tov!

Mr & Mrs…

This is my favorite part of all the Jewish wedding traditions. So fun!

Congrats guys..

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  1. Sara & Joe…..these pictures truly capture the beauty and excitement of your wedding. The sun truly smiled on you both (and the wedding party who so willingly braved the frigid cold temps). Your father and I will treasure these pictures always. A special thanks to Joe the photographer for your great talent and excellent work. Love always, “Mom” Neiman

  2. Every time I look at these pictures (and I look at them a lot) I smile, I laugh, I cry (tears of joy) and then smile again! They are such a beautiful couple both inside and out and it shows in these wonderful pictures. May this day last a life time and beyond! Love you both and best wishes always. XXOO MOM

  3. I think this is my fav ever. I don’t care how much of a pain it is I love the winter. These pictures are just out of this world and the girls in their boots, just awesome!!!!

  4. These photos look amazing. Sara can’t stop looking at them. I am so thrilled with how they came out and how great you made us and our party look! Thank you for helping me to relive the best day of my life! I would recommend you to anyone who only wants the best. 🙂

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these!!! It truly was the perfect day for a winter wedding it was absolutely bueatuifl. I honestly cannot pick a fav…I love them all!!! Thank you so much for making us look super hot!! 😉

    ps- the boots were from ebay and they totally saved me!

  6. Absolutely wonderful photographs. I am surprised with the start b/w, which totally rocks. Good choice of the outdoors, amazing backdrop and light. Kudos to the courage of the bride to go out.

    Overall wonderful photographs.

  7. I’m seriously loving these winter weddings!! I agree with Mona – the white of the snow on the ground and on the tree is just an awesome backdrop!! I’m sure it was cold outside, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from these images! Some of my favorites are the ones of Sara and Joe outisde, especially the “romantic” series right after their first look. It looked a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!! Congrats to Sara and Joe! Great job Jp and Big Joe!

  8. These photos are just amazing! Who knew it was freezing that day/night! The outdoor shots are beautiful. Looks like a winter wonderland. We had a wonderful time at the wedding!

  9. I love these images. Its so fun to see winter weddings! Sara, you go girl your smile makes it look like its 70 out!! Great shoot as usual!

  10. Love, love these pics! The bride and groom are beautiful and I love the sun coming through the trees too! So classic and classy!

  11. LOVE the pictures!! Everything looks so classic and elegant just like the actual wedding. It was definately worth freezing outside…they came out perfect 🙂 Especially love the first look pictures. Can’t wait to see the rest!! Congrats Sara & Joe!!

  12. Aaaah! I just wrote a whole comment and it went Poof. 🙁
    Anyways, I agree, the boots are awesome. I especially love those pics outdoors – cute and fun. Sara, your dress is gorgeous on you, so classic. your maids and men all look spectacular!!!

    I have to say, the bright white snow outside makes such a nice backdrop (not that sara needs any help to look that good right?) Seriously, I was smiling throughout this post, in part because sara’s face lit up each image. Lots of love in these shots. 🙂
    Also love the tradition and look of the Chuppah. 🙂 All around great! Looks like a fun time!

    JP and Big Joe – great job as always!!
    Sara and Joe – congrats!!! Or should I say, Mazeltov!!

  13. Congrats to Sara and Joe! WOW…that dress fit Sara like a glove….so beautiful. In love with the set of the first look images. How fun that Sara removed the veil for the reception…shows how she was ready to rock the night 🙂 another beautiful winter wedding by the Elario’s!

  14. wow… JP these are lovely shots! I absolutely love the group of ladies in their boots! they look like a fun bunch! and the bride is stunning!!! and the groom handsome 🙂 Congrats to the newly weds! and thanks for blogging!!!!! 🙂 P.S. her white dress against the white snow, looks fantastic!