sarah & al: saratoga national

Ok! It’s time for a wedding on this blog! August started out on the quiet side since we had the first weekend off but we set the month off right with Sarah and Al’s wedding. Myself and videographer Al Woodard showed up the hotel for the standard getting ready shots. The famous Alayne of Make Me Fabulous was in the house as well! Sarah looked incredible although I knew she would. Once that gown was on and Sarah was all laced up we bounced to Saratoga Springs and hung out in Congress Park. The weather could not have been better for these guys. It felt like a September day in all honesty which was great considering we all know how hot August can be. After we photographed the ladies the men showed up and it was time for Al and Sarah to get their first look on! Then we did our thang in the park, making some beautiful images. After that it was around the corner to the church so they could tie the knot. Meanwhile at Saratoga National my lovely wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs finished up the final touches to their ballroom. DJ Music Man Mike Garrasi was running the show from that point on which easily means a packed floor. As always this guy knows how to keep the party rocking. This was a wonderful wedding! We had a blast with Sarah and Al, you’re both such a fun and happy couple. Like Heavy D once said “I got nuttin’ but love for you baby”.


The dress and of course the cool hanger.

Everyone all into getting Sarah dressed..

Pretty shoes..

Hey who’s that fabulous and famous lady putting the veil on?

Ladies.. Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

Isn’t my job the bomb? I get to photograph the most pretty things..

Just awesome.

Al awaits his bride to be.

I wonder what they’re thinking..

I’d be smiling too Al.

The boys..

Al is a bit of a ham for the camera. I like the hand tied bow tie my man!

I love this one..

The viel had some great movement.

Sarah never stopped smiling..

I like this little spot in Congress Park..

so I worked it for a bit. I love this.

OK you two. It’s time to get married..

You know I love that moment right before the ceremony with the bride and dad.

Mr and Mrs..

You know I’m all about this series..

Al likes it ๐Ÿ˜‰

My facebook teaser. I love it.

The configuration ๐Ÿ˜‰

OK. I’m crazy about the burst of light on this one right here.

The “almost kiss” to me is more interesting than the “kiss kiss”

Saratoga National Golf Club.

Flowers by Fleurtacious Designs

1st dance..

Dad gives a welcome toast.

Oh hey! Thanks for viewing!!

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