sarah + ben = henry

Congrats to Sarah and Ben! Welcome to the world little Henry!  When Sarah called me and said “its time for some newborn pictures” I found myself at their home two days later. I knew their little man would be super cute too. As I always say though, the ultimate compliment is being asked back to capture more awesome moments in my clients lives. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love since back in 2008 when we first met. You’re both great people and deserve that little bundle of joy. Thanks again guys!!


First comes love.. June 2009

then marriage… October 16, 2009

then comes little Henry, all smiles. October 2011..

Love his wrinkly little foot.

So peaceful

Mom n Dad solo shots..

Love it.

these too..

Oh hey little man..

As soon as they looked at each other I knew I had the shot…  I really love this one..

Nice chair player.

Cute as a pumpkin..  tis the season right?

I’ll end with this little series.. His feet were just perfect. Congrats again to Sarah and Ben!!

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