Saturday May 25th was one of those weddings you went into knowing no matter what you did or wished for it was going to rain. Like the rain that doesn’t stop. Plus is was chilly too. Did that stop, effect or mess this one up? Hell to the nah! I texted Sara the day before reminding her that we shot a wedding in a hurricane once so we were prepared to kick butt and take names. In fact, aside from all the love between the family I think for this one the rain made it special. As Sara put it “I have a new spot in my heart for the rain after this photo.” She of course was referring to the image above.

Ok so now we know that it rained let’s talk about the day. Sara, Eddie and their bridal party were at the Hampton Inn in downtown Albany getting ready the morning of the wedding. In the house was wedding coordinator Christine Wheat and her team. These girls do not play and kept things running smoothly all day long which is why I always encourage our clients to have a coordinator at their wedding. The glam squad from Strut Spalontique was also on this one but they really didn’t have to work hard because Sara and her girls are all incredibly gorgeous. Once some gifts were exchanged and I got to capture Sara’s first hair style (which was off the chain) it was off to the church. Sara and Eddie tied the knot at Eddie’s families church Our Lady of Victory in Troy, NY. My favorite moment at the ceremony was PJ and Cindy (Sara’s parents) escorting her down the aisle. It was a very emotional moment to say the least.

After the ceremony we all headed to The Mount in Lenox, MA. As we drove in my jaw dropped. The drive in was gorgeous. Everything was so GREEN from all the rain and then I saw the front of Edith Wharton’s Home, WOW! This place was built in 1902 and really is just amazing. Not only was the outside pristine, the inside was as well. We opted to do the majority of shooting indoors because of the rain and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Sara and Eddie were the kind of couple you need on a day like this. They were down to shoot outside rain or shine so we did for a little bit before cocktail hour began. Then I shot the reception details by the one and only Fleurtacious Designs who took Sara’s vision and knocked it out of the park. Wow, great job team Fleur! Among the beautiful floral details were details Sara worked extremely hard on like menu signage, seating charts and personalized scrolls for each guest at their seat. Nothing was overlooked.

My friends, this was one for the books. A stunner on all levels. Sara and Eddie, I can’t thank you enough for having us. You kept in mind our availability when choosing your date and that is just so flattering. Sara, it was great working with your family again. You come from amazing people and I’m glad we got to capture both your of the Joubert weddings. Congrats you two, keep the love strong and smile everyday. Thank you again and again!


Last time you saw Sara and Eddie on the blog was their gorgeous New York City Engagement shoot. Be sure to check it out if you have not yet. 
Wedding day.. May 25, 2013.
A gift from Eddie and some killer shoes!
Loved their robes. They also all had personalized glasses and Sara gifted them pearl earrings in a macaroon case.
The fella’s all got these cool belts with their initials. Eddies gift from Sara were some sweet Cartier cufflinks.
You make putting earrings on look beautiful.
LOVED the hair!
Sara wore her sister Kate’s veil. Some awesome flowers by the one and only, Fleurtacious Designs.
Church details..
Eddie and the boys on deck.
The Joubert’s on deck.
I love this image of PJ taking in the moment with Sara.
Ceremony time..
So fun.
Mr & Mrs..
The Mount, Lenox, MA.
The bride arriving. Sara also made this drink menu. Too cool.
Again, designed by your bride.
I could shoot in this place all day.
Big Joe killing it with the Leica.
Oh hey there gorgeous.
Upstairs we photographed Sara and the ladies… all their dresses were so pretty.
The Fleurtacious Designs bouquets looked amazing against each dress.
Some more of Sara..
yes her gown had pockets!!
Looking dapper fellas..
This was a fun one. So it was raining and we actually designed/rehearsed this shot inside with the bridal party letting them all know where to stand and then had them come outside and jump right back into it. What good listeners they all were. Thanks for getting wet. BTW this took no longer than a minute to capture. This photo below was after we took the safe shot I had the bride and groom just start walking at the camera.
So incredibly beautiful.
Heading to the lime walk.
And then my favorite image of the day was captured.
Yes it’s raining here which I think really makes the shot. The light and colors are so sweet.
I mean come on.. seriously? I wish you could see the behind the scenes I had to do to capture this one. I LOVE IT!
So pretty..
and in front of the estate..
the white stone ground is so awesome!!
excuse me can you kill the Elario Configuration quick?
The reception space by Fleurtacious Designs.
The linens were soooo pretty.. also Sara’s table numbers were sweeeeet!
Loved their sweetheart table.
The chandelier was a great touch.
Looks like someone was happy when the space was revealed.
Yeah I’d say home run!
Their entrance….
from the other angle..

It happens at every wedding. the moment when the b&g sit down and then kiss..
The painters… such a fun idea.
We had to go back out for just two more shots!
before their first dance and toasts they enjoyed a moment in their dinner room..
Toast time! Kate, your toast was so beautiful. The best men killed it. Especially when Abner the flying monkey (more to come) made an appearance.
1st dance..
Not a dry eye in the room for this father daughter dance..
And we’ll end with this one… CONGRATS AGAIN!!!! Love you guys!


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