So here we are with another one for you! This one I’m excited to share too! I just love these images. Sarah was such a photogenic bride too. I was also digging the suit on John, its a nice change from the tuxedo. I’ve always been a fan of the suit for the groom and I’ve also always been a fan of the tux. However if your a groom and your looking to wear a tux I would suggest purchasing one so you can get a perfect fit. I think every man should own a tux. Just a thought. But back to the post ….. We arrived at Sarah’s parents home in Troy and shot some getting ready shots. I knew the second I met Sarah that as a bride she would wear her hair down. If you read the blog you know I’m a fan of the hair down. I just love that look. Shortly after we headed into Troy and met up with John and his family. Moments later came Sarah & John’s first look. I wish every bride & groom did this. Its become one of my most favorite things to photograph at weddings. The light was right and we shot some really awesome photos of this couple. After their mass we headed off to the plaza for party time. City Rhythm rocked it as usual. Those guys are such a tight band and continue to sound great! Before the night was over I stole Sarah & John away from the party for one quick alley shot. That alley is just awesome no matter what time of day you hit it.

So thats it! These photos rock and we would like to thank Sarah & John for having us capture their day. I think Sarah’s face must still be sore from smiling all day!

Enjoy, leave love,

Ladies don’t be afraid to let that hair down…

Sarah has that way of pulling you right into the image.

The first look series..


One of my favs from the day. The lens flare is sweet!

I told them to look serious in the image on the right… I love it.

Sarah is super photogenic..


The light is sweet. I just love this image.

A little behind the scenes since I haven’t given you one in a while.

The result..

I want the same shots on my wedding day…

I think after I took this shot I just waved my hand in the air as if to say its just too easy today. Seriously!

Time to go get married.

This is just one of the many different interactions these two had during the mass.

First dance..

If you want people on your dance floor you both need to be out there. Sarah & John never left the dance floor and neither did anyone else.

Except when I pulled them out for this image… but they only missed hald of mustang sally lol.

Love it! Congrats guys!

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  1. Beautiful couple! Seriously, not an average picture in the bunch! Congratulations on what looked like a beauuuutiful day! I love the little smirk on her face during the mass, so sweet. And that dress is gorgeous on her. The suit is sharp, everything is great. Alley shots clearly rock. OH and love the hair down. Big fan!!!!

    Totally remembered now that I forgot to have Andrew pic me up in my dress. Ahhhh well! 🙂 Love all the shots… esp the first look 🙂

  2. love the ally picture…beautiful couple! Congrats to them..but really congrats to JEP for another slamm dunk!

  3. Hi Joe & JP – I was forwarded the pictures from Moira, who is married to my cousin. The photos are just beautiful. They are such a teriffic family and I know they will appreciate the amazing images you captured that day. You know how I feel about you guys but I just can’t say it enough, you are the BEST,BEST, BEST!!!!!

  4. You captured the essence of the day. As far as the bride and would do well to use the photos of them as an advertisement! You do beautiful work…and I’m sure your subjects made it one of those…I can’t believe they call this work moments.

  5. Hi Joe & JP- I was forwarded the blog link by Moira who is married to my cousin. The photos are amazing!!! They are such a teriffic family and I know they will really appreciate these images. I can never say it enough, you guys are the BEST, BEST, BEST !!

  6. AWESOME! Shot of the calendar tile (wedding) is cute. Did you know Sarah made that tile?
    A truly gorgeous couple captured at their best.

  7. ahhhh! in puerto rico still. . . so enamored with all you guys do – thank you for making us look/feel beautiful for the day. talk to you soon!