saratoga engagement session with kristina & matt

I’m excited to share this Saratoga Springs style engagement session with you all. Kristina and Matt are getting married on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend next year and we’ll be there. Where you ask? Duh, the Hall of Springs ;). Thats why this couple choose this location for their engagement session. I’ve shot many engagement sessions up on these grounds but I often try new spots or different ideas for everyone. It was a hot evening but we managed to beat the heat on turn on the smiles. Kristina and Matt are a very photogenic couple which made the session pretty easy. I look forward to working more with you guys. In less than a year from now, you’ll both be married and I would have already blogged your wedding. Does that statement make it seem sooner than it is? 😉 Well for now lets focus on these fun engagement session images… Have a great weekend my blog stalkers. I know I will. I’m off. But that doesn’t mean no new blogs.. I got two coming next week for sure.


Set it off in the hall…

A little closer and a nice b&w..

This shots cute..

Lets go find a new spot..

but wait stop right there…


I love this shot.. I kinda think of this pose as kinda my thing. I make all my couples do it. Kinda of an Elario thing. 😉

yummy light.

A little change of clothes.

forehead kisses..

I really love this composition. All the lines and the light makes this fun to me.

Oh yeah.. sick light right here.

One of my favorite spots on the Ave of Pines.

Quick! Run into the road and kiss or something.

I love these two side by side.

Nothing like a super contrasty b&w!

Kristina pulls you right in here.

I think this is my favorite from the shoot. The pattern and the pose, just love it.

And yes, a b-b-b-b-bling shot! My “token bling shot”

next one

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