shannon & avram’s lake george engagement session

I’m loving this Lake George engagement session with Shannon and Avram! These two happen to be getting married in just a few weeks from now too. September 2nd is their big day and we’ll be there to capture it. I shot their session in Lake George at a family friends home. They have a nice little place on the Lake so why not use that as our backdrop? They also brought their little dog Pumpkin along too! I love when people bring their pets along! So sit back, relax and enjoy their engagement session. Oh and stay tuned next month for their wedding! Thanks again guys!


Meet Shannon and Avram..

our little friend, Pumpkin came along too..

How about those homes in the backdrop? Big pimpin’ on LG! Oh and the light is kind of fun too!


Working the E config..

I really loved this sweet spot..

Their facebook teaser..

In the boathouse..


So pretty.. we love our Elario Brides

Wardrobe change!!

loving this spot..

why not another configuration???

The lake is so pretty..

Loving the light and color in this image!

and we’ll end with my token “bling shot”!!

and the turnaround!! see you both super soon!!!

next one

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