How do you get The Canfield Casino on a Saturday in June? Well you can ask Sheila and Aaron. Actually they set their date in September of 2008 (haha that rhymes). Then came us, Sheila met and hired us in October of 2008. So to all the people who inquired for June 19, 2010 meet Sheila and Aaron, the early bird does get the worm. Actually, you already met Sheila and Aaron last September when I shot and blogged their engagement session. We shot some of their engagement session in the very spot this Saratoga Springs couple got engaged. Keeping with that theme, their wedding too was in Congress Park. Well, in a building in Congress Park. In my opinion it’s the best piece of real estate in Saratoga Springs next to that big ol race track just up the road 😉 Not to get ahead of myself here we set everything off at another Saratoga landmark. The Adelphi Hotel was where Sheila and the ladies got ready on this warm summer day. Soon after we headed downstairs for their first look. I just love the light and excitement of this first look. I can hear Sheila’s giggle while looking at these images. So when it was time to head to Congress Park and get married Sheila, Aaron and their big bridal party walked there. What a great day! Then they tied the knot in the parlor of this historic building. It was pretty cool be back in that room for a ceremony since the last time I was in there for a ceremony it was mine! After the newlyweds enjoyed their cocktail hour we snuck outside for a few more photos before they were handed off to Garland Nelson of Soul Session and the party begun. What a great party too! The room was bumping and Garland had the energy at 10 all night. One cool surprise was Sheila’s 80 something year old grandfather yodeling while Aaron played guitar. A crowd favorite! Shout out to a former bride of ours and full time blog stalker Jean for tagging along with us, thanks for all your help. Sheila and Aaron, we’d like to thank you for trusting us 20 months ago! We were glad and honored to be locked down that early and enjoyed working with you and your families. Congrats guys!!


Some details.

Hey Sheila!

The Adelphi is really AWESOME. I wish more brides would get ready there.

The ladies against the rough texture is so cool.

So vintage.

Time for a first look. I love that image of Sheila peeking out.

Here we go!


They had some spectators too..

A couple classic b&w’s.

How bout some soft light?

facebook teaser image..  this is my fav from the day… the light was bouncing off the ground and filling them in. a gift from god.

Bow ties, rock! Take notes guys.

Buddy up guys…

A very BIG bridal party.

This is my favorite time of day in the Canfield Casino.

The light was straight up sick.

Kind of a standard shot but how awesome are their eyes? Really when the light hits them right they scream.

Another proud father walks his daughter down the aisle.

Someone once told me they didn’t think this room was pretty. I told them to stop smoking crack.

Back outdoors.

To another classic location in the park.

For some laughs…

a snuggle and a kiss too.

I believe it was a family friend of Sheila’s who did all the florals and decor. Well done ladies. Feel free to leave your info in the comment box below.

Sweet details.

The cake master Debbie Coye was on this one. If you get married in Saratoga and especially in the Casino you make sure to get Debbie Coye. It’s a Saratoga thing.

Classic first dance pic right here.

A welcome toast.
Garland Nelson of Soul Session is a beast ladies and gentlemen.

Oh yeah. Talk about getting a crowds attention.

Full party mode.

I wait all night at most weddings for a shot like this! Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. That night it did and I caught it. Congrats guys!

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  1. We are there again at the most enjoyable wedding possible. Thank you for your eye and ability to capture the essence of Sheila and Aaron’s special day. Can’t wait to see more and we feel like we are there once again and will over and over as we view them.

  2. As always I am so impressed and so honored to have been able to tag along! You guys are amazing.

  3. I cannot stop looking at these beautiful pictures. They are amazing! From Sheila’s mom – thank you so much!

  4. All the talk about the blog I had to check it out!! Nice! We will have her beat with 10 bridesmaids!!

  5. JP….as the mother of the groom………I was impressed as you were photographing…….I am even more impressed with the outcome ! Incredible job….you are truly a professional…thank you so much

  6. Loooooove this. JP, I cracked up (in my office, no less) reading “Someone once told me they didn’t think this room was pretty. I told them to stop smoking crack”

    Awesome. I can’t choose – I actually do really love that one kiss photo from “a snuggle and a kiss”… very genuine and sincere, loving. 🙂 The shots at the adelphi are awesome too. Really, what a BEAUTIFUL couple. 🙂 Congratulations guys, looks like a ton of fun!

  7. These are absolutely perfect. We had such a great day and I’m so glad you were able to capture all our happiness. You even had Aaron a bit weepy looking at these! Thank you so much. Also – every bride needs 9 bridesmaids!! I speak from experience!! One last thing – the florals were by To Have And To Hold, Maureen Cooper and Diane Palmier 518.280.1984 or

  8. …stalking from Vegas , Sheila & Aaron – I’m sure you are delighted with this display, Thank You so much for going with “Elario Photography,Inc. so long ago.
    Again a big ” Congratulations” Sheila -Aaron . . . something about the name . . . Sheila .

  9. JP these shots are fantastic! I’m tearing up all over again. Thank you so much for the great job of you and your team. These photos will be in my family for a lifetime, and I’m so proud!

  10. jp, these are all so fabulous! I can’t decide my very fav…but the “for laughs” might be it.
    the location was soooo pretty…and the details!!


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