sherry & stephen: a troy engagement session

Gosh I don’t even know where to start with this one. Sherry, Stephen & I go way back and when it comes to good friends you’ve known for years the pressure is on to get good stuff. Especially since Stephen built me what I think is the most bad ass blog-site on the scene so I had to show him my skills too. Some of you readers and might recognize these two anyways. Sherry had been part of the wedding entertainment scene for years. Her voice was simply beautiful and her stage presence always shined. She killed it wedding after wedding. And Stephen slapped a mean bass around on the stage himself. There were many times at weddings he’d ad a little something extra to any given wedding standard and my ear would catch it. I’d look up at Steph and I’d smile, he’d give me that token Stephen smirk as if to say yep that was me and go on playing. I love surrounding myself with talented, creative people and these two got it going on. I can say this is the shortest engagement session I’ve shot in terms of when they will head down the aisle. Just 17 days to go until Sherry & Stephen tie the knot and I’ll be right there to capture it all. These images also prove that its never too late to get your engagement session on.

Enjoy, leave love,

Lets start out on a nice little color palette. Very summery.

Stephen makes Sherry laugh and smile all the time.

What a cool little alley. Troys got em’

This is my favorite from this set.

The tones and warmth is rocking. Troy’s antique district is a great spot to shoot.

Except nothings open…

Since music’s kind of their thing how could we pass this up? Here’s that token Stephen smirk too.

I love making the sun look like a star… fstops 101 folks.

A change of clothes… off to my favorite steps.

And my favorite black wall/fence/door.

Just a nice clean portrait.

Just when I thought the gold stuff was gone.. boooya! Easily my favorite series of the night.

Shooting into the lights always fun.

Not too bad when you turn around either.

But I’ll shoot back into it for my token bling shot. This a red hot bling shot.Β July light simply rocks.

One more fun one.What a fun shoot! 17 days to go!

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