sherry & stephen tie the knot at home

How fitting that this is my 200th blog post! Why you ask? Because Stephen is the mastermind behind the whole design of my blog. His company equali simply rocks! You might remember a few weeks ago I posted an engagement session with Sherry & Stephen and in that post I wrote that they had 17 days to go until they tie the knot. Well that night took place just this past Friday. Mother nature as always dictated the night and flow of things and although it was an on and off rainy evening it didn’t dampen any spirits.

So when Sherry & Stephen first told me all about their wedding and how they wanted to do it I was stoked. I really love events that are low key, relaxed, all at one location and fun. That being said this one had it all. So they said they wanted to have it in their backyard and worked their butts off to get it in tip top shape by July 24th. From ripping out a pool, laying down sod, building a sweet fire pit, re-building the stairs, major landscaping and painting these two had their hands full. I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out too. Anyway, I admit when I was at their house in April and saw what they had ahead of them I was like good luck with that one. The transformation was jaw dropping. Sure Stephen was up until 2 or 3 in the morning the night before working and the day of but it totally paid off because the place looked spectacular.

So 20 or so of Sherry & Stephen’s closest friends and family were asked to join them while they say “I will” on July 24th 2009. I have to say that Kris Ann and myself were honored to be considered in that close circle of guests. It’s always fun working for friends when there as sweet as Sherry & Stephen. So when we arrived it was absolutely gorgeous outside, the sky’s were blue and the sun was shining. Who’d a thought there was any threat of rain? We arrived early and Kris Ann was putting her finishing touches on the table and chairs. For some of you new readers Kris Ann is my fiance who happens to own one of the area’s fastest growing flower shops, Fleurtacious Designs. As you’ll see below her work is simply stunning. The caterers were on the scene doing their thing while Stephen sat on his steps sipping on a dark beer and he said to me “it feels good to not have to do any work right now.” Sherry was upstairs getting into her beautiful gown. Everything running smooth and flawless. So I shot some photos of Sherry and her daughters Alix and Cade while Stephen worked on his shave and got dressed. About five minutes after their first look guests started arriving and the rain began to drop. Rather than jump right into the vows they planned to entertain their guests with some butler passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. We we’re planning on starting the ceremony around 6:30 but held off until 7:15 when mother nature was kind enough to hold off on raining for about seven or eight minutes. I kid you not, when they kissed it began to start sprinkling. So now its time to eat!Β It had been a while since I worked with ClassΓ© Catering and I must say Brian and his crew did a fantastic job. The food was just awesome. The fire was cooking and out came the marshmallows. Then they cut the cake while everyone watched on. There were some nice words at the end of the night from Sherry & Stephen thanking each and every guest but now its my turn to thank the bride and groom for having me capture and be part of their awesome night. Thanks & congrats guys!

Enjoy, leave love.

On with the post. Fun fact: Stephen designed Sherry’s ring.

Taking some much needed chill time.

Sherry told Kris Ann she wanted lots of color. Some fleurs by Fleurtacious Designs.

Since Stephen plays a mean bass I had to sneak it in somehow. How pretty does Sherry look?

Sherry and her girls Alix & Cade.

I love that Cade rocked the orange Chuck Taylors. How awesome is that grass though?

One of my favorites of Sherry.

How sweet is their first look series?

One quick shot before the rain. One of my favorites.

Wow. That table is awesome!

Kris Ann really did a great job.

Love it!

Little moments like this happened all night long.

Yummy eats.

This was about two minutes before we started the ceremony and is easily my #1 favorite of the night.

Although there was an umbrella in this photo there really was no need. Mother nature hooked us up and stopped the rain for 7-8 minutes.

Just long enough to say “I will”.

Here’s another on of those real moments.

The photographer and florist had to get in one photo!

The blue minutes of the summer evenings would be my favorite time of night.

You know you want one right now.

The cake!

Another real one. I’m telling you this just happened, I didnt ask! SoΒ I’ll close with this because it looks like it should close this post.

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