so damn lucky

I don’t even know where to start with this one gang. Well a little history for those who are new here. I love the Dave Matthews Band, I’ve been going to shows since 1999 and look forward to seeing them multiple times in a year. If my schedule permits and its close enough I’m there. I also love photography (duh). When I used to shoot Alive at Five’s and Tulip Festival concerts for the City of Albany I always wondered what it would be like to photograph a band of this caliber. When I shot for them I always left those gigs with a smile on my face because I loved photographing bands and whatnot. There was that one time on stage when I was like “man I wish this was the Dave Matthews Band”. I mean I know the band, not personally, but I know the things they do and who to shoot when and why. It’s sort of like photographing weddings because I know what to expect and when to expect it. So many concert experiences went by and I watched many photographers capture images that probably meant nothing to them but a photo credit in a local paper or whatever. For me, getting to shoot this band was truly something I only dreamed of doing. That being said the fairy godmother and a former bride of mine Sarah made my dream come true. Sarah works for the City of Albany and made a few call’s for me. To say I was ecstatic when she called me with the good news would be a complete understatement. So I have to thank Sarah big time for making me feel “so damn lucky”. So with that, lets get into this post!


ps.. Nothing is for sale so don’t ask. I am not allowed to sell prints. This is strictly for your viewing pleasure. If you repost anywhere do not crop my logo and link back to this post. Thanks!

No I wasn’t stalking Mr Matthews. I simply parked in the right spot at the right time and captured this. When I took it I looked at my wife and said  “This is my opener for the blog post.”

Some details.. This is referred by Dave as “the tiny guitar” a crazy fan like myself knows there are only a handful of songs he plays on this. Don’t you love the picks?

This band has one of the most ridiculous horn sections out there.. I just love how these epic instruments wait to be played..

A few more details.. their lighting was insane at this show.

The moment where the place erupts in cheers. I imagine this has to make you feel good when taking the stage.. I had 2 songs to shoot which was just shy of 16 minutes.. this is what I captured…

A sip of tea (or perhaps something else?) and then its time..

For the fans he opened with Squirm.. for the photographers I shot all my images ISO 3200 1D MK4 5D MK2 and wide open on whatever lens I had on..

drum beats louder…

drum beats louder.. Carter is seriously a machine up there.

I love all this crazy lighting..

The sound that comes from this mans guitar is just nutty…

One of my favorites from the whole show..

classic Dave scream!

The infamous boots…

After a surprisingly short opener song it was onto “You might die trying”.. at this point I had 9 minutes to tear it up and shoot like a maniac.

Stefan Lessard is the man and the most accessible band member. Follow his twitter if you’re a fan.

Oh you know I brought the old fish eye.. I bought this lens years back strictly for concert shooting.

Classic Dave Matthews with eyebrow thing

I think this is making my wall..

Another eyebrow thing…

Oh hey Dave, I see you too.

Boyd Tinsley on the violin..

Another compilation..

Another fav.. I just love the fisheye look in b&w..

Love it..

Starting to get down..

Yes, it sounded that good!

The Dave Matthews Band.. 2010 style..

One more of Stefan..

I was totally dancing a little while shooting this stuff.

and I’ll end with this.. classic Dave. What an experience!

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