sonia & carlos: hall of springs

Wow! This one I’m bout to share with you all is just fantastic. It was just a wonderful Sunday for Sonia & Carlos. Along with Videographer Al Woodard we set things off at the Hall of Springs with Carlos, his family and his boys. Shortly thereafter Sonia arrived wearing her white wedding gown. It was time for their first look and it was a great one. I don’t know who was more excited during the first look and from that point on the smiles never stopped. We did a bunch of photos in their American clothing. Then Sonia and Carlos changed into their Indian clothing and we took some more awesome photos! I just loved the second set of clothing. Sonia’s Sari was so colorful and had some beautiful detail. Before we knew it the Baraat ceremony was about to begin. Now I never photographed one of these but let me tell you it was so fun! A big cargo van sets off this huge procession with some awesome Indian music. Most familiar to me was the song Beware by Panjabi MC with Jay Z. I almost put down my camera and got down with everyone! So this procession has some drums and a lot of dancing while Carlos follows at the end on a white horse. Eventually we made our way around to the front of the Hall of Springs where both families meet to welcome Carlos. There are some exchanges of garlands, food and Carlos had to give Sonia’s sister a gift. Once the gift was accepted the doors were open and it was time for the ceremony. But before the ceremony the guests watched a same day edit of Al Woodard’s first look footage. It was very cool and I’m sure it will be on his blog very soon. The ceremony was beautiful thanks to David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design. I really loved that red draping too! After their ceremony it was back into the tuxedo for Carlos but Sonia had another colorful ensemble waiting on a hanger. We snuck out and took some more images in that good good light while their guests were entertained to not only to pretty awesome tango dancers but some Indian entertainment as well. Throughout the night the Elario Photo Booth was hopping which you’ll see below. On a level of 1-10 I give this wedding a 12! It was such a great party, well done guys! Congratulations to the Dr.’s and we thank you both for having us capture your big day. This was really a great experience! I hope this blog post reaches you in Caneel Bay!


Carlos and his boys. How hot are those scarfs?

Buddy up gentlemen!

First look!

I love this shot.

This one too!

Such a sweet moment.

Rock star wedding gifts. Rolexs!! But wow look at Sonia’s bling!

The henna was so cool. I think this stuff is just so beautiful and the detail is always amazing.

I turned around and caught Sonia just standing here so relaxed.

Aren’t they just an awesome looking couple?

Little moments like this are what I love about my job!

And b&w’s like this are my fav.

One more of Sonia because she’s just super beautiful.

Love. The. Color.

The detail, the shoe’s…

Then it was upstairs for Sonia and her family. This is known as the Valaikappu or the Bangle Ceremony.

This might be one of my favorites from the whole wedding.

And I was downstairs with Carlos for the beginning of the Baraat Ceremony.

Carlos was like a pro up there with Sonia’s little nephew. Love the head of hair on that kid!

How perfect was this day?

Waiting for Carlos.

Carlos is acting like he has no gift.

How could any woman not accept this?

The details were amazing.

Love this shot!

Such a cute little moment right here.

No shoe’s on for the ceremony.. Sonia’s shoes were pretty awesome. I knew when I took this I had a winner.


Pretty nice reception details. Again by Renaissance

First dance.. tango style. They killed it. The room went crazy.

Oh yeah!

Would you like some butter with that light? Yes, yes I would. k thanks!

My facebook teaser.

So romantic.

Carlos makes Sonia laugh and smile all the time. He is quite a funny funny man.

The Elario Photo Booth… off. the. hook.

The shot on the bottom is a straight up winner. That totally nailed their personality. Carlos goofing and Sonia just watching and thinking he’s a nut. I love it. Congrats Guys!!

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