stacey & matt’s troy engagement session

Let’s keep this blogging cycle moving right along here my friends! In this post you’ll be seeing Stacey and Matt’s engagement session. It feels so good to be out and shooting again. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, it was a long off season and I’m just happy to be out there doing what I love! I must say I had a fun time wondering around the beautiful downtown Troy with these guys. They’re a fun couple and will be tying the knot this year in September so stay tuned for that one! I can’t thank you both enough for picking us to capture that big day in September and also this e shoot!


Meet Stacey and Matt, surrounded by some pretty texture..

One of my favorite streets in all of Troy..

Jumping right into an Elario configuration…

Not sure what Stacey was laughing about here..

Little bits of spring color…

We wondered into someone’s amazing brownstone..

I’m kidding, Stacey knew them. The place was beautiful though!

Not bad for 12,800 ISO on that new camera of mine huh?

after that these two got their swag on..

Again, laughing. Must be something when they walk, they laugh?

ooh I like this one a lot..

this one is one of my favorites too..

Matt, all smiles because he’s about to get a kiss.
my facebook teaser image which I absolutely love!!

and we’ll end with my token “bling shot” look at that ice!

and one with me!!

next one

introducing, scarlett