Steph & Chris’ Albany Engagement Photos

We have a great one for you today. I just love the overall feel and style of this shoot! Seriously all my couples lately have made it extremely easy on me. I swear it was hardly work for me. Capturing Steph and Chris was like we were just hanging out. Ok scratch that, we were hiking. Like we legit went on a hike! Anyway Thatcher Park offered some amazing scenes for us. I love how this nature styled shoot will contrast their wedding photos in downtown Albany. Also I should mention how honored we are to be on their wedding day team. I remember meeting Steph and Chris back in June of 2013 (as boyfriend and girlfriend) at a wedding and Chris told me whenever the time comes that I would be at their wedding also while outing Steph on her blog stalker status 😉 Well the time is nearly among us and in 6 short months these two will be tying the knot. Thank you to Steph and Chris for having me! Can’t wait for the big day! See you guys soon!



Meet Steph and Chris.. we set it off in the woods along the trail. I just loved all the vertical lines..

We’ll get back to this location later… time to hike!

How cute are they?

Loving this texture.

Too easy..

A favorite from outfit number one.. ok time to hike back up….

Ok I caught my breath and they changed into their second set of clothing.. loving that flower piece by none other than Fleurtacious Designs.. and how beautiful is Steph?

aaaaaaaahhhhh!! those colors!!!

love it.

Like shooting free throws (if i was good at basketball)

We’ll toss in a b&w..

Sunset at Thatcher Park is no joke… obviously my favorite from the session..

More amazing colors..

Shout out to Alexandria’s Salon for hooking it up…

and I love their token “bling shot”!

the turnaround! see you kiddo’s (see what i did there?) soon 😉

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