stephanie & jeff: albany country club

Keeping on up with the October weddings we’re going to roll right into Stephanie & Jeff’s October 23, 2010 wedding. We set things off at Stephanie’s parents home in Albany which is just so awesome! The house was so great we opted to do our pre-ceremony, first look and all group shots right there on site. Tina herself of Flawless by Tina was all set with Stephanie’s makeup and I had myself a flawless bride to begin photographing. After shooting Stephanie’s dress, shoes and other personal details throughout this home it was time for Stephanie to get dressed. Waiting outside for his soon to be wife was Jeff. We had a great first look by simply having Stephanie step right out the front door of the home. After a nice handful of relaxed group shots we were off to Albany Country Club to capture some fall color, a ceremony and a party! It was great being back at ACC after a while off. Kim Aperance run’s the show at ACC. Kim and her staff really make you feel at home when working there. I also got met Kim’s daughter and fellow blog stalker Courtney. I’m all about the generations and family working together so it was nice to see that. It was also a treat working with Surroundings Floral Studio who never disappoints with their gorgeous creations. All and all another rockin’ October wedding. Stephanie and Jeff, congrats to you both. We can’t thank you enough for having us come out on October 23, 2010 and capture your memories.


I love a beautiful home to shoot in..

Fact: in this awesome home there are 42 clocks…

Finishing touches by the flawless brushes (OH I rhymed that, I’m so cool)

Stephanie had to be one of the most happiest brides ever. Not only that but totally animated for the camera. Love it!

I just love that one on the right…

Meanwhile outside Jeff awaits his bride to be..

Stephanie wanted to have a little fun with the first look..

So she tapped his left but went right.. totally got him too!

I can’t help but smile at this image. Its like “well? what do ya think?

I love all the color!

I told them to be serious in the one on the left… that lasted all of what 3 seconds?


Too easy to photograph… how great is her bouquet? I love all that color and variety.

The facebook teaser.

I just love this one!

Oh man that color is off the chain!

Did I mention I love the color?

and the happiness

a nice little configuration.. because you know, I don’t like to “pose”

Off to tie the knot..

Stephanie going over her vows as her man of honor AJ watches..

No matter how you slice it, this is always my favorite shot to capture at every wedding!

Lovin’ this one too!

a fun little series..

After their kiss it was a first bump with their honor attendants and then down the aisle..

Mr & Mrs..

The Albany Country Club ballroom..

I waited fo that blue light to come on out..

A nice moment during their first dance.

AJ up there delivering a nice toast.

Stephanie likes it! Make sure you “like it” below facebookers 😉 PEACE!

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