Alright friends! Here we go, wedding number 3 of 4 this month at the awesome Saratoga National Golf Club features Stephanie and Rob! Wow! What a fun event this was! From the start the energy was there and never dropped off. Early in the day, the ladies were getting ready with the tunes bumping. Flawless by Tina, was on the scene too and boy did Steph sure look flawless! When she put on that gown I knew it was going to be an easy day because she was just stunning. We headed to the Yaddo gardens for the first look and all the group photos. It was nice to hang with our pal, Cheryl from CASL Productions too! We had a blast capturing Steph and Rob. I swear all we did was laugh all day. After our session at the gardens we headed to SNGC for their ceremony. Once these two were married it was officially party time. Garland from Soul Session took this party and freaking ran with it. Amazing energy all night and the floor was packed. I must say, if you’re going to put a band in Saratoga National a center dance floor is a must. Actually, band, dj or whatever its such a sweet upgrade!! Thanks to our girl Hayden for working the Elario Photo Booth on this one! There were many funny pics came from the booth! Steph and Rob, we can’t thank you enough for choosing us! I knew we’d have nothing but fun on this one. You guys are a blast and I wish you nothing but the best for all the years ahead.


Stephanie’s gown.. loving all the lines from the blinds.

Hmmm… who did the makeup again? 😉

Loving this image with Steph’s mom and sis helping her get ready.

So amazing.

Sooooo prrreeettty

At the gardens..

Working it with the ladies..

We all loved Robs reaction at the first look!

The image on the right says it all..

The guys..

My facebook teaser..

laughing and smiling..

Classic Yaddo right here:

A nice little series from their ceremony..

still laughing..

Mr & Mrs..

again, still laughing…

he just picked her up… love it.

loving this.

everyone should relax like this on wedding day.

working the configuration..

First dance..

one of many toasts..

Non stop partying…

Introducing one of the newest drops from drop it MODERN.. its called Americana … I call it “Saratoga” I LOVE THIS DROP!!

a couple future Elario brides when their men decide its time to give them a ring 😉 no pressure fellas..


Haha mug shots..

congrats you two!!

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  1. Loving this one too (all of them). I’m really enjoying all the Yaddo shots. This feels so new to me although I know you recently resurrected this one. Awesome. The first look? Well I just love first looks (but everyone knows that).
    Rob looks so familiar and I can’t put my finger on it. Is there a celeb he resembles? WHat is it? Either way, he and his guys look dapper, I enjoy the light suits every now and again. Stephanie of course looks stunning. Her dress – the mermaidy-ruffly… so pretty. Such a nice backdrop of that against the blinds (like the lines on that). And of course, what bride shouldn’t be picked up on her wedding day? That and lounging in the fields were just icing on the (wedding) cake. Love. Looks like a fun fun time. 🙂 Congrats you two!

  2. I love the field shots and the bridal party shots out side! and i lover the girls dresses. this is a beautiful wedding! amazing!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures as always! Stephanie is the most beautiful bride!! I love all the photos in the Yaddo! Thanks for my shout out… you are too funny! Not sure Andrew and Carl would think the same though lol.

  4. Such a fantastic wedding with so many amazing photos to prove it! Mug shots and piggy back rides are completely encouraged in the photo booth!!

  5. Such a fun couple – and what a perfect day they had. Absolutely love the Facebook teaser and the one right under that !

  6. Joe and JP, thank you so much. They are awesome you captured our day perfectly. We could not happier. Thanking you again all the way from St. Lucia. You guys are the best


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