Studio Sessions: Nicolle

As the off season continues I continue to use my time wisely in the studio. I’ve now done 3 studio sessions since January and I’m truly enjoying my time in there. It’s just fun to play with lighting setups and create pretty images for no other reason than the passion of what I do. It’s like exercise for me. In the off season we all need to stay fresh and sharpen our skills so thats one reason I’m constantly trying to push myself and stay fresh. Anyway I’m thrilled with this one! I love the way all the images turned out. You might recognize Nicolle too, she has modeled for my last two Flower Child Sessions as well as making a cameo at one of my Pop-Up Portraits. She’s got a great look and with the help of her colleagues Alex and Rachael of Alexandria’s Beauty Salon we tool that great look to some next level stuff. I love collaborating with Alexandria’s Salon and can’t thank them enough for beautifying Nicolle and hanging with me while I shot. Nicolle, you crushed it. Well done! Now lets get into these images!


A darker twist on the good old American Apparel look…

I loved this lighting setup!

The eyes.. 


I’ll say it again, the eyes are strong. 

Easily my favorite from the whole session. I loved this setup and light!!

Working that samurai bun… 😉

So pretty.. 

decided to try out my new black sequin from drop it MODERN. I love this drop!

onto something new on the blog.. I wanted to incorporate cinemagraphs into my work so here are a couple of those. (if for some reason if you don’t see anything below just refresh)

The hair! Thanks again, Nicolle!



next one

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