Studio Sessions: Sam

There is nothing like some fresh content this time of year. As usual the off season allows me time to take on some personal projects. I recently photographed Sam in our studio. Studio photography has always been a passion for me and I love getting in there and having some fun. This sessions glam squad was the amazing Alex and Rachel from Alexandria’s Beauty Salon. You might remember the last project I did with them back in November (stay tuned for another one very soon too). Anyway, Sam was also one of the models on that project so we decided to link up again. I’m beyond happy with this one so without any more chatter from me lets get into the photos.


I love how simple a studio session can be..

starting strong..

a nice clean beauty shot..

Nothing like some b&w’s tho…

love this one

The tutu… Alex told me this one would kill.. she was right.
love it..

another favorite from the session..

and the black tutu..

Killed it.. great job to all involved on this one!


next one

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