styling in hoboken: tiffany & george

Wow, wow and wow.. Thats all I have to say about this engagement session that went down just last Tuesday. I ventured down to Hoboken, NJ last week to meet up with Tiffany and George, an awesome couple who’s wedding we happen to be shooting June of 2011. When speaking to Tiffany about our upcoming session I said the only way I’m coming down there is if I can photograph you guys with Manhattan in the background. Of course Tiffany was game. She’s got style and knows whats up. Check out her  website/blog 24kt style & follow her twitter too! So driving down I knew this session was going to be off the hook and I was pumped! Seriously this couple brought it! They came out the apartment building styling out and turning heads. Tiffany rocking a polkadot pattern which was just so fun to photograph. All George’s outfits were dictated by Tiffany’s, yes its true she styles him up for sure. It must be nice and somewhat costly when your wife to be is stylist/personal shopper. You know, I bet their that couple at every wedding that turns heads while not even trying. Anyway, I’m putting this engagement session in my top 3 of all time for a few reasons. 1 super fun couple. 2 locations were off the hook. 3 the styling. 4 their interactions were just great. 5 Winston their dog, a half french bulldog half boston terrier. So I’ll shut up now because I know the city of Troy has been waiting for this blog post for 6 days.


Court St. Hoboken, NJ

I’m loving the color palette.

Fact: TIffany & George met on Cinco de Mayo 3 years ago at this Mexican restaurant. We had to stop there.

I love the Tiffany’s loud personality. George just goes with the flow. Fun couple!

This is probably my fav from this first series.

A little attitude.

How adroable is Tiffany? She’s going to make an incredible bride!

Oooh yes I love that light, we all know this by now though.

Just strolling, turning heads and stopping traffic in Hoboken.

A little change.

Too many good ones from this series too.

Imagine this is your view. When they exit their building and look to the left, this is their view. I’m jealous.

By no means did I feel this session is a b&w kinda shoot but I wanted to throw one in. It’s all color from here on out people.

Good color too. See? Obviously this is my #1 from the #2 set.

This girl is always styling.. Peep the necklace with George’s initials.

and now Tiffany draws all JEP’s blog stalkers in with those eyes..

Oh hey Winston! Look at the lil man rocking his formal wear!

I love his face!

So from this image on is when things start to get coconuts.. Yes coconuts. Tiffany decided “bananas” is so 2005.

A stunner.

I really love that iconic skyline. Its so beautiful.

The colors, everything is just awesome.


Did I mention all the geese poo? Yeah it was all over this grass. I didn’t want George to ruin his Salvatore Ferragamo’s so we bounced to a different spot.

love. this. shot.


The blue from their clothing and from the dusk time of night with the gold. Wow. Did Tiffany know this would look that great?


Too cute. I have too many favorites from this part of the shoot but something about this image makes it stand out for me.

When I threw this image up on my facebook last Wednesday it sent all Tiffany’s friends into a tizzy.

These are so fun. The one on the left is just awesome.

I know Tiffany will love this one.

You know my trademark one and only “bling shot” was going to be coconuts right? Tiffany & George I cannot wait for your wedding!

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