I’m very excited about this post! This wedding is super special wedding to us. This beautiful bride, Sue is like sister to me. We literately go back to when we were infants. Big Joe met Scott before I did. They were all at another wedding together and my father says to me “I think Suzy is pretty serious with this guy.” Well, he was right! And I had to agree after meeting Scott later that year. We immediately hit it off as we share a love for some similar bands. I might have checked my phone and social media almost every day for an upgrade on their relationship status. When the time came and I heard the news I was thrilled. Not only because I love Suzy but because I knew they would throw an amazing wedding. And that they did….

October 28, 2016 was quite a unique day. Just the day before we got a couple of inches of snow in Saratoga Springs. It was wild because of all the color still hanging on the tress but then there were these areas of snow on the ground. It’s not something you see really ever which in my opinion made their day that much more memorable. On paper their day was suppose to be super cloudy and chilly. While it was still a little chilly (hey it was late October after all) the sun did come out. Maybe someone was looking down and looking out for Sue and Scott, either way it was a beautiful fall day. We had a great time working with a true dream team of wedding professionals including Mazzone, Fleurtacious Designs, Kelsey Gabriel, Katie O’, Al Woodard and New York Players! I have to give my friend Alice Corey a HUGE shoutout, because of Alice both myself and Big Joe turned into wedding guests at cocktail hour and let me tell you if you can be a guest at a New York Players wedding boy are you in for a treat!

Sue and Scott, we can’t thank you enough for the incredible day. We had a great time capturing your love. It was so awesome to be around my family and celebrate with you all. I love all things Sue and Scott and cannot wait to catch up after your super long Hawaii honeymoon! Congrats to the newlyweds!!


October 28, 2016… loving that Sue’s gown was two pieces. This is the first I’ve seen of it’s kind.

The famous “Danielle” of Fleurtacious dropping off Sue’s fleurs.

Reading a note from Scott along with some new bling..

A cute moment with the Moms..

And we have a bride!

A little help from MOH Dana…

So pretty!

I love that image of Sue and Kathy on the right.

And a first look with Dad! If you recognize this man you’ve seen him power walking the heck out of Whitehall Rd. John and Big Joe go waaaaaaaaaay back before the mustache.

and now a first look with Scott!!

The boys!

Sue, you’re gorgeous. Makes me so happy to see you as a bride.

Loving those Fleurtacious flowers!

All these lovely ladies..


Thanks to the ladies for braving the wet ground for this image. As you can see it was totally worth it!

Sue and Scott time!!

How perfect was her fur?

Aww I love this!


So crazy to see foliage on the trees and snow on the ground!


One of my #1 favorites from the day.

Working it..

such a good twirler you are, Sue.

I love these fall scenes!!

St Mary’s Church, Ballston Spa.

Party girls on the party bus.

But first a selfie with “The Shark”

on deck…

I love this image of Kathy AKA my other Mother.. love ya, Kath!

On deck with Dad..

One last smile before they head down..

Proud moments..


It’s official.

Great captures from the sign of peace.

Mr & Mrs..

Meanwhile at the Hall of Springs..

October 28th 2016 and look at all that color that was still on the grounds..

Classic Hall of Springs images right here..

Smile and laugh my friends..

love this one too.

Bling shot!!

That color tho..

My last official picture… I now become a wedding guest!!

Love this.. 27 years later…

The Hall of Springs by Fleurtacious Designs.

“Who’s ready to party tonight?”


1st dance..

Packed dance floor all night..

Great toast by John.


Love these moments… Congrats to you all!

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