suzanne & brian: on the high line

Every time I finish getting images ready for a blog I breath a sigh of relief. Then I look at my “to be blogged” list and realize I still have a lot more stuff to share. In the past two weeks I’ve headed south twice now to NYC or the NJ area for engagement sessions. That partly has to do with my delay in blogging. Loosing two full days can set me back like crazy, on the bright side its more content for you all to hopefully enjoy. The first of my two NYC or metropolitan area sessions is Suzanne and Brian.

On my way home on the train from NYC when we shot Elizabeth & Adam’s Brooklyn Bridge session and I teased a shot from the back of my camera via iPhone/facebook (i love technology). I then received an email. It was an email from a blog stalker 😉 and friend of mine Courtney . She basically told me she finally got around to visiting The High Line. For those of you that don’t know of The High Line, it is an above ground rail road that was built in the 1930s for freight trains. The idea was to keep them off the streets of Manhattan. Over time it wasn’t used anymore and became quite run down and all types of weeds and plants took it over. Since NYC is awesome they rehabbed (and still are) this mile and a half railroad into an elevated park. It’s pretty cool and I suggest you all check it out sometime. Back to Courtney, in her email she suggested it is “the PERFECT place for an engagement shoot” and wanted me to be aware of this location should the opportunity arise for another NYC e session. Not even a week later that opportunity presented itself to me. Suzanne emailed me and wanted to schedule a shoot in NYC. How about the timing here? I was just suggested a great spot to shoot and BOOM we’re doing it. So I just want to sat thank you to Courtney for the suggestion, I really enjoyed this location. I’m dedicating this post to you!

Not to ramble on too much but I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention the couple and how the shoot went. So quickly here’s a little recap of the session… I met up with Suzanne and Brian on 14th street and we headed west to the meat packing district which is where The High Line starts. We shot a little bit in that area but then quickly headed up the stairs to the old railroad. Pretty much 75% of the session took place on The High Line. Then after that we walked a couple blocks and shot a little bit more. I really enjoyed getting to know Suzanne and Brian, what a fun couple. Suzanne is quite the photo buff too, we talked shop a bit which I’m sure will ultimately end up making her spend a few bucks on more lenses etc.. Suzanne and Brian will tie the knot in less than a year on Friday September 16, 2011. I look forward to spending that day with you guys! Thanks again for having me come down to the big apple and capture you two. Enough jibber jabber here are the images….


Meet our couple, Suzanne & Brian.

I loved this spot. All the different values of black are just sweet sauce.

The meat packing district is an interesting location to shoot in.

Everything seems to be closed though.. Maybe we were in the nightclub area? Who knows?

I couldn’t walk by this backdrop. I love the pattern. Its like the light bright thing.

Welcome to the High Line…

Loving this one too..

The High Line is fun. Where else can you find this type of vegetation in NYC?

Plus being above ground with all the surrounding buildings you get incredible light bouncing off things.

They frown upon people being in the grassy area’s though. Ssssh

Breaking the law! One of those officers in the green is gonna come get ya!

How awesome?

I’m crazy about this series..

Love this one.

At one point the High Line has multiple levels.

The old “Elario configuration”… 😉

The light and colors in these make me happy.

Seriously I want this light and flare in all my images.

No matter what direction you shoot on this you have a great image.

You can even shoot down and boom!

Ok we’ve left the High Line.. you can see it above Suzanne’s head. From that area uptown isn’t finished yet so we couldn’t go anymore north.

Never walk by a red door or backdrop. Why can’t I work at this church every weekend? I just want to use the door!

Haha.. who doesn’t love an animated image?

I teased this one on my facebook.. I love it.

Then I grabbed my “bling shot” and headed uptown to Penn Station… Thanks guys! It was great and I look forward to next year.

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