This past weekend we had what we call a “triple”. That means a wedding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Monday you feel like you’ve been at a non stop wedding. Over this weekend we documented 6 people, all in love. The first of those three weddings is Suzanne and Brian. If you’ve been following this blog for a year you’ll remember their engagement session I shot in NYC.

On September 16h 2011 they tied the knot at Saratoga National. We set the getting ready stuff off at Suzanne’s parents home then it was off to SNGC for the first look. Suzanne and Brian decided late in the game to book up some videography. Thankfully Cheryl from CASL Productions was available to document the day! They now have their first look not only documented by us but also on video. Fleurtacious Designs was in the house too! They did all Suzanne’s personal flowers and thought the colors were just awesome. Once the knot was tied we took Suzanne and Brian back out for some of the good light images. After that it was party time as the ballroom filled up. DJ Paul Malo was in the house too which means a packed dance floor was inevitable. Suzanne and Brian, thank you guys so much for trusting us to capture your big day! I know you’re quite the photo buff Suzanne so that means a lot as well. You guys are so in love and documenting that was so much fun. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Here’s one from their NYC High Line engagement session.

Easily one of my favorite ring shots this year..

Sweet details..

Oh hey beautiful bride! Makeup by Sonia Altamura

Loved her bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs

First look!

I love this..

The men:

The ladies:

one more..

A forehead kiss in b&w for you…

One more image of the two.. its time to get married now.

I love the little exchanges bride and grooms have at their ceremonies

Mr & Mrs..

Oh how I love the color.. my facebook teaser

another one plus a configuration..

this is my favorite image of the day. I love everything about it.

Sunset portraits anyone?

She wanted to be picked up. As Mona would say “all brides should be picked up on their wedding day”

I just love the color in this.

another SNGC classic..

I’ll end with this one from their first dance.. Congrats you two!!

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  1. Everything about your wedding day was absolutely perfect and these beautiful pictures attest to that statement. Wishing you both all of the love, friendship and peace that life can offer such a perfect couple….with love, ellen and john

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!! I’m sorry to be so behind. Apparently this growing belly here keeps me quite busy. Can you imagine once she’s out? but I have to say I love playing catch up! So much great stuff at once.

    All brides SHOULD be picked up! Hilariously, I forgot to do this on my day. Great call on getting video! Ask Al, I was wavering back and forth many times and luckily he was free (I was checking to make sure the date was still open). Pics and video = awesomeness.
    While we’re on awesomeness (Sorry guys I’m going to get to you in a second in all your bride and groom beauty). Kriss Ann – LOVE these bouquets. Ohhh pretty orchids. 🙂

    The ring shot is great. I like the theme with the key there in the programs too. 🙂

    Now onto Suzanne and Brian! Well being that I live in NYC I loved the high line shots! And I love these. Starting with the first look. Lots of great emotion on Suzanne’s face… often times you catch that moment in the first look where you can see that she’s taking him in, and at the same time noting his happy reaction to her – this is one of those times. Love! The bridal party looks beautiful! The one shoulder dresses are so flattering, and you have quite a few beauties there (and little beauties).

    The grounds of SNGC are awesome. I love how on one side of the fence you’ve got lush green, the other a bright yellow. So pretty, and great light throughout the day. Congratulations guys!!!!

    Big Joe and JP – I swear I’m not a slacker! The baby is taking my speed, but it’s forgivable because she’s really cute in there. Right? 🙂

  3. The day was captured perfectly! The precious looks on your faces show how much love you share. Dad and I love the pictures, but we especially love the the cute couple in them!

  4. Gorgeous Images! Everything about Suz & Brian’s day was perfect and these photos truly capture the love and happiness of the day!!

  5. ahh, thank you joe & jp for these photos! hello from greece, i am SO happy to see this blog… and it was so soon! can’t stop smiling, these are just fabulous. the day was perfect, the flowers beautiful (wish i had my bouquet with me now!) and seeing the looks between brian and i just couldn’t be better. thank YOU!

  6. . . love the B&W Bridal Party group shot . .
    Thank You , Suzanne & Brian for having “Elario Photo Inc. ” be a part of your day .

  7. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Every moment was captured so perfectly..having such an amazing couple makes it even easier! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Frese!!!!

  8. These photos are amazing!!!!!!! You are so fortune to have these memories captured in perfect photos. STUNNING! I cant say enough!!!

  9. Loved this wedding – the dress, the flowers, the couple (and the photos, of course) – so much fun! Congratulations Suzanne & Brian!

  10. The pictures are really beautiful and captured the love and happiness of the day! Can’t stop looking at these…amazing work!

  11. I love, love, love the pictures! Suzanne – you look stunning! Brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to both of you – you look ridiculously happy!!!!!!!

  12. I couldn’t stop smiling while looking at these! Their pure happiness is apparent in every photo…Suzie Q – you made one heck of a bride!! 🙂 xo

  13. Oh my gosh…this entire blog is incredible! Amazing work JP and Big Joe! Loving all the images in this one especially – the Mr. and Mrs. Shot coming down the isle; the look Suz gave Brian during the ceremony, and of couse the ring shot! The key ties it all together! Suzanne – you looked beautful! Perfect day all around!

  14. Amazing! Her flowers were gorgeous, the purple was insane!! I think all your september brides need to get married at S.National for the light & field pictures! Gorgeous!! Love the ring shot too!!!

  15. What a beautiful couple!! I always love those field images and that fence at the Saratoga National!! And that ring shot — definitely one of my favorite this year! And Mona is always right — every bride SHOULD be picked up on her wedding day! Congrats Suzanne & Brian! Awesome job Jp and Big Joe!!

  16. Absolutely stunning…i love the bouquets…the ring shot…the first look…the bride’s expressions during the ceremony..the sunset portraits..absolutely wonderful 🙂

  17. 1. Definitely one of the coolest ring shots to date.
    2. Fleurtacious knocked it out of the park with the flowers! Wow, the color of them just light up Suzanne’s face and the whole image pops!
    3. The field shots are my favorites.
    4. I love the love.


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