Three wedding weekends are always fun! In this post you’ll be seeing day three of our killer wedding weekend of June. This one features Suzanne and Lonnie at Saratoga National. Starting on time is HUGE with weddings and when I walked in the hotel room and saw wedding planner Katie O’Malley with her clipboard in hand 😉 I knew we were good to go. Although I love Alayne from Make Me Fabulous another great sight when walking into Suzanne’s suite was seeing her packing up. I say this because its so important that hair & makeup should be done when a photographer arrives. I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face but time is SO important on wedding day! That being said when we have a wedding coming up with the two ladies I just mentioned we sleep better at night. Also having our good friend Al Woodard shooting video is always fun. Al Woodard count for 2010, 6 weddings. After we shot some getting ready pics at the hotel it was off to Saratoga National to meet up with Lonnie and his boys. We knocked out some sweet b&w shots of them and by that point Suzanne was on the grounds and it was time for their first look. Suzanne and Lonnie wanted their first look to be very private too. Those who’ve been to national know this a bit of a challenge since there are golfers all over the place. Somehow I found a quiet spot and it was like no one was around for 2-3 minutes. Their first look was super cute too. Suzanne was just smiling and laughing the whole time! Before I knew it we were heading upstairs for the Ketubah Ceremony which stand out as some of my favorite b&w images of the day. Next we were all off to the tent for the ceremony where one of the most beautiful chuppah’s I ever seen stood. Compliments of Fleurtacious Designs too! Kris Ann and her girls worked on this thing for a while too and all that hard work payed off because it was awesome. Speaking of awesome florals the ballroom looked sweet! All that yellow and black was just so fun and elegant. So whats next? A party, and City Rhythm was on this one with a boatload of new tunes to boot! At one point of the night it was Suzanne featuring City Rhythm when she sung for Lonnie. Although there were almost 200 people in the room Suzanne’s eyes were on him the whole time. Great job! So that pretty much recaps this one folks! Big thanks and congrats to the bride and groom!!


It all started here…

Fact: Alayne tells me she’s dresses up a little bit more when she know’s we’re shooting.. She loves her cameo’s on the blog. I love the way she always makes the brides smile.

A couple sweet b&w’s

First look……

I told you she was all smiles.

The spin around.

A fun relaxed bunch.

Classic Saratoga National..

I love this little series.

Time to go sign that Ketubah

Might be one my favs..

This is too.

The detail is just awesome.

The chuppah I mentioned above by Fleurtacious Designs

Proud parents.

Classic Elario double coverage. We’ve been doing this forever.


Suzanne was so happy and anxious to get down the aisle she forgot her bouquet!

The backdrop was too awesome to not use again.

The facebook teaser..

Another fun series..

Saratoga National by Fleurtacious Designs

The black and yellow is just awesome.

The containers were so cool. Those little candles rocked too.

A little first dance moment.

And I’ll end with this.. well done Suzanne!

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  1. Beautiful photos….totally captured the day perfectly! It is always a pleasure working with such an awesome team…on to the next one! yay!

  2. Nice shoot JP. I was totally there for part of this shoot, its where I got my unoffical bilng shot. haha 🙂

  3. Awwww these are beautiful! I LOVE the words on the top of the Ketubah… so sweet, so simple – and the Ketubah itself – SO beautiful. NOW about the bride and groom – you guys look spectacular!!! I love the rings, the dress (my band is really similar – eternity band with bead set diamonds and millgrained edges!) Lovely! Love the decor – the yellow and black are hot! And back to the bride and groom – you two look just aglow. I really love the fun series, you can see the playfulness there.

    As usual, a knock-out job gentlemen!!! What song did Suzanne sing??? Awesome. 🙂 Congrats again!

  4. Such a sweet couple! Suzanne, her mom and her sister where so sweet and good to me and my assistant Amy. We have the best brides, don’t we guys?

  5. they’re beautiful…the black & white of them doing the signing is awesome . Love the color , just a beautiful couple !