sweet baby james

A couple years ago we photographed Jennifer and Jim’s wedding. It was back in September of 2008. Their wedding was beautiful, simplistic and fun! It took place at Jim’s parents home in Burnt Hills, NY.  So about 7 months ago Jennifer and Jim welcomed their baby James into the world. They also asked if I would photograph him on the same property the wedding took place. I was honored and said yes. We then began comparing calendars. I say it all the time but when a former bride and groom have you back to take more images for them its the ultimate compliment! So thank you again Jennifer and Jim! Now onto little James. What a cutie! Those big eyes will draw you right in. Congrats to the lucky parents and without further ado, heres Sweet Baby James!


Here’s the happy family!

I told you, the eyes on this kid are awesome..

Even in b&w they pull you in.

I was digging this little hat. He looks like a little man here lol.

He’s full of smirks and smiles.

Jame’s father has a nice little collection of antique cars….

You might remember them from their wedding.

You all know I love revisiting shots with the same people in different times of their life’s.

I think he was about done with me here!

One of my favorite spots we shot at from their wedding.

and the rest is history… congrats guys! Great to see you again!

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