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meaghan & rob: franklin plaza

It really is a small world and I’ll tell you why. Kris Ann and I own a condo where 39 other people live. When outside either grilling, walking Lexie, taking out the trash etc I would always see this girl (Meaghan) who lived there and she was always either heading out for a run or […]


maggie & joe: franklin plaza

It’s hard to believe I’m sitting here blogging the last wedding from 2010. Wow, what a season it was too. I know it sounds cliche but it seems just yesterday we were gearing up for our January 1st 2010 wedding. Now with 45 beautiful, fun and incredible weddings behind us I just wanted to say […]


megan & derek: franklin plaza

Wow! Here’s another great one for your viewing pleasure. I’ll set it off by saying November 13, 2010 was probably the warmest day so far this month. November always does this too. One day it’s 40 degrees the next 65. That’s what’s fun about shooting in November. You just never know what to expect. Let’s […]


elaine & dale: franklin plaza

To say I’ve been bloggin my butt off would be an understatement right? This is your forth dose of blog this week! I’m also proud because this wraps up “blog-tober” once and for all. Aaah October 2010 will be a month to remember for sure. Honestly it felt like one big wedding that never stopped! […]

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