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Ashley & Mike’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

Last Saturday was Ashley and Mike’s big day at the Hall of Springs! Gosh was it a nice day too. Not bad at all for late September! We set off the day at the Gideon Putnam Hotel where all of our pre-ceremony photos took place. After that it was off to the Hall of Springs […]


Katie & Nate’s Hall of Springs Wedding Photos

It’s time for this blog to sparkle! I have to say, more often than not, when I write my blogs I say, “I don’t even know where to begin” but this time I mean it. Like wow! Let’s file Katie and Nate’s Hall of Springs wedding photos under AWESOME for starters. When working for your good friends, who is also an industry celeb, let me tell you the pressure is on like donkey kong. After all Katie O’s been a long time friend of Elario Photography since her days as Tulip Queen. We’ve done over 30 weddings together since 2008, and I consider her to be one of my dear friends, so we had to absolutely crush this one!


nicole & chris: hall of springs

The last time I shot a wedding on my birthday was back in 2008 and that was fun. Cut to October 12th 2012, I would find myself with Nicole & Chris at the Hall of Springs. It was a colder day for sure but come on folks, its October. People get married in October because they want […]


shannon & avram: hall of springs

Our Labor Day weekend continued with Shannon and Avram at the Hall of Springs! The day was again perfect! Thats two great ones for the month of September so far too! We set the day off at Shannon’s families home where Katie O’  was on the scene along with Make Me Fabulous! Shannon was all smiles and looking beautiful […]

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