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madeline & chris: saratoga national golf club

Brrrrrrr!!!! Is all I can think of when looking back to last Saturday at Saratoga National. Holy moly, Madeline and Chris’ wedding was that first cold one of the season that just slaps ya in the head and knocks you off your feet! You’re probably saying “waaaah, JP, stop complaining.” and thats cool but seriously […]


jamie & david: saratoga national golf club

If it seem’s like we were at Saratoga National a lot this season that would be true. Jamie and David’s wedding marked our 11th (of 13) there in 2012 and boy was it a fun one! Seriously I have not had that much fun (spectating) at a wedding reception in a minute. Their band,  Body and Soul was on […]


Terri & Matt: Saratoga National Golf Club

This month just continues to be great for weather. Every wedding we’ve done has been wonderful. I swear this is why September weddings continue to be popular with us. As I mentioned in my last blog post we’ve shot a ton at  Saratoga National this year. Well, this past Friday (also know as iPhone 5 day […]


edda & mike: saratoga national golf club

For the 9th time of 13 total times this season we were at Saratoga National ! Want some crazy facts? Since 2005 we’ve shot 44 WEDDINGS at Saratoga National! How crazy is that?? 28 of them were  from 2009 – 2011! To say we’re completely comfortable with this venue, the staff that runs the place, the grounds and […]

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